Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our 'Mini remodel'

My husband was lucky enough to get two weeks off for the 4th of July, ok well the plant he works out did a shut down for two weeks.  So I did what any other wife would do.. Made a honey do list lol. Don't worry, he hasn't been working the whole time he's been off. 

First off the kitchen, our kitchen is a decent size, but not very open. There is a door that goes in to our bedroom and a door to come in from the dining room and another door for the back yard/ basement. Our kitchen gets hot when we cook or run hot water for a long time to do dishes, so we found a great deal on a ceiling fan and my husband installed it. It was a long process due to the wiring from the previous owners.. But it's made a HUGE difference in the kitchen. 

It took us 3 days to do a mini remod on our bathroom. 
The toilet had a seat that was too small for the bowl, the previous owners put primer over the tan tiles to make them white, trust me.. You could tell. They also put primer over the white wood in the bathroom. The shower doors weren't sealed properly wich in time meant water under the doors and a mold and mildew growth. I hated those doors, no matter how much I cleaned them it wasn't enough and half of the time the doors were hard to slide. I didn't want J taking his baths in there and putting his hands near the nasty-ness. 
The first thing I did when we moved in to this house was frost the bottom window so my neighbors don't have to see our booties and I could take down the nasty blinds. 

So, we primed the walls and tiles properly, and painted. We didn't want to shell out a whole lot of money to rip the walls down and re drywall.. So we did a 'mini' remodel. 
It's made a huge difference! The dark blue wall is now yellow, and the tiles are grey. We put in a new shower head, a curved double shower rod,new toilet seat, took down the towel bar, put in towel hooks and added storage to our random nook area. 

The shower head was geared a little more towards Joseph, it will make baths easier and J loves his own little shower head. 

It's still a little weird to see our bathroom. It feels bigger, brighter and I just love the way it turned out! We spent around $450 for paint, supplies, the kitchen ceiling fan, shower curtain, liner, shower head, toilet seat, fancy curtain rod , storage area and a few things for my husband.  

I can't wait to start our next project, but for now.. Were getting things ready to do a garage sale. We've moved A LOT with the military and just in these last few years. It's nice to be able to actually get rid of stuff and get permanent items, instead of items that if we break in a move it "won't matter". 


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