Monday, June 2, 2014

Peace of mind with Dropcam

We bought our first home back in December, shortly after we moved in our next door neighbors home was broken in to. 
The day my neighbor came over to let us know what happened and see if we had seen anything suspicious, my heart sank. 
Naturally, I began to worry.. Things are replaceable but my family is not. 
Even though I'm home most of the day or someone is always here, I still needed to know that we would be ok. 

Our Home was built in 1923, It has all of the original doors and locks. 
We have these nifty "night locks"  that lock the access from the outside of the house, but you're able to still open the door from inside in case of emergency. And of course we have the option of the dead bolt. 

Anyone else see The door knob from Alice In Wonderland? 

We have Two dogs that yes, bark at anything and everything. Of course I do feel secure with them in the house. You just never know.

However, with two dogs and our nifty locks I still felt like we needed something else. Paying for a monthly security system was a little out of our price range.
I wanted something affordable, easy to set up and manage as well as the piece of mind knowing I could see the inside of my home.. 

I asked around and started looking at The Dropcam. It turns out our neighbor purchased one and is now able to check in on her house from her smart phone and tablet at any time with the Dropcam App! 

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Recently My sister and Brother In law installed a Dropcam in their home. My sister informed me that the set up is easy, they can monitor their home from their phones and tablets and the Dropcam is surprisingly small! No big bulky security cameras sticking out of your walls and crazy wires to run through the walls! 
I love the idea of easy installation and something that will almost blend in with my home decor! 

It was great to be able to have two people recommend the Dropcam, I know many people may be concerned about the Wi-Fi monitoring due to the stories of people hacking baby monitors. However,keep in mind if you keep a lock on your wireless internet it can be avoided. 

The Dropcam will be a great addition to our home, basement (when the kiddos get older and play downstairs) and even our Garage! 

Check out their website for more information and even videos from Dropcams that the public can access! You'll find some pretty cool ones! 


:: I was not paid for this post, all opinions in this post are my own. :: 


  1. How awesome! It is nice that we have all the technology gadgets.. you're right that will be perfect in your basement once your kid(s) gets older! I don't know how our parents ever managed! Seriously, we got a free video monitor (Ha well with the price of a carsear) and I don't know how Eric and I waited so long to get one! I feel so much better being able to see the kids while asleep!

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