Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer lovin

As I sit on my front porch with a book, the cool breeze and an ice cold Popsicle in hand, I enter in to a zen like moment. 
I'm relaxed. 
J is taking his nap and I'm soaking up this moment. 

We moved in to our home late December, the trees were empty and the snow was covering the ground.
This is our first summer in our own home.  
As I glance over at the children playing around our neighborhood with their water guns and blow up pools, I realize that we've moved to a pretty good area. 
We got lucky, not knowing much about the street or the people, there are plenty children for J to grow up and play with. A park and a pool just a short walk too, I've also noticed that we picked a good home with lots of trees covering the house and yard.  My front porch is shaded and I can sit out here while reading. 
There are bunnies running around and squirrels chasing each other up the trees. 
Man, I've missed summer. 

I've been trying to get out daily by either taking a walk or biking around with J. 

Today we hit up the neighborhood park for a little dip in their kiddie pool. 
J was more concerned with chasing the big kids around and checking out their water guns. He loved it though, and the best part is, it's an easy walk from my house as well as it's free to get in. 
When I was younger you could always find me at our neighborhood pool. No joke. I was ALWAYS there. 

I plan on getting J to the park and pool at least 2-3 times a week. 
Let's just hope that the rest of the summer isn't super hot and humid. 

What is your favorite thing about summer? 



  1. My favorite thing about summer is being in lush green Nebraska! ;)

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