Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Give Me Strength

It's been a while. 
I'm sitting here typing this as my 16month old is screaming.. Like ear piercing screaming. Why? No clue. J has also decided that when we tell him 'No' or he doesn't get his way he will grab his face and squish it..or he will throw his head in to something or hit something ( like the wall or chair).
He has tried to bite me a few times and has pinched me a few times.. We're working on that.

Is this the "Terrible Twos?"
Lord give me strength.

Seriously though,The screaming is bad..and yes of course I'm worried about him throwing himself down or head in to things.. It's like a 'trust fall'. I don't get it. 
-- Any advice on this and how to get through it would be wonderful.-- 

Don't get me wrong, I still love love love this crazy bratty child.. ( even though as I let him down from his high chair he went straight to my kitchen and broke my silverware drawer) And I know this is only a small glimps of what we will deal with helooooo teenaged years.. But really y'all, I'm worn out. Straight up.
Yesterday I did NOTHING. I didn't clean the house or worry about laundry, I let Joseph climb and crawl all over me as I stayed sitting on my butt and we watched TV all day long. I didn't eat a legit meal we just snacked.
J won't eat anything right now anyways due to some teeth making their way through, so we shared some Greek yogurt and some snacks and just had a lazy Monday. 
I'm ok with it.

I needed that lazy day. With all of the recent events.. It was wonderful.
What I feel like I need more right now, is just a 'ME' day. 
Not saying that I don't enjoy time with J, but seriously y'all.. It's me and him 24/7, chasing him around..watching him climb on EVERYTHING ( is a 16 month old supposed to climb on everything?) and get in to everything! 
Well except the little bit of time that I'm at work and c'mon, that's not a 'me' time.

I've looked in to Care.com for some babysitters, I may have to just stick with that. We also joined the YMCA here but the child care hours to even get a work out in don't work with our schedule.. I don't really understand why they aren't available all day long, but that's for another time. Perhaps I'll just take J to the pool and work on his swimming. 

Forgive me for this post, I'm just a it'd bit stressed out. 


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  1. I feel ya mama, both my kids have days like these. Keep up your consistency, it will pay off.....one day the will listen and be happy and then the next day and the next and you will be like, oh man we made it!