Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well... This is weird. { Bloggy Moms Blog Dare 2014}

 That is pretty much what sums up my life.

I AM the weird. 
 Its true, when I get comfortable around people there is a great chance that I will be weird. Not all of the time, but a good amount  of it. You can ask any of my  co-workers and Friends!
I met one of my best friends when I started a new job in high school. She told me that when she met me, She thought I was one of the strangest  people she had known! We were opening a brand new store together in our town and I was of course a Go-Go-Go type of person. Everyone who was hired on were all paired off and made to drive through neighborhoods,passing out flyers and put coupons on peoples door.. This lovely lady was stuck in the car with ME! ( and someone else, I don't remember who it was) Well, This is weird. 
She didnt talk to me much..and I dont remember every detail, But as ADHD as I am, Im sure she was a little freaked out. 

It wasnt until we started working together more that our friendship grew and grew. We have made so many memories together! Even though we are miles and miles apart and we may go days or week without talking, I never feel like Ive missed a beat. 

If its it weird, Never be afraid to give it a chance. 
Always laugh at yourself. 

__ Back in the day, my 18th Birthday__

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