Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This month in Pictures.. So far.

It's seriously nothing new when I say that I take a lot of pictures. 
However, just be thankful you aren't getting a bazillion texts of Joseph pictures every day.. Like my Mom and sisters BWHAHAHAHA.. For that ladies, I'm not sorry. ( were 14 hrs away.. Soo I've gotta keep the J love alive!) 

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So here is what we've been doing recently! 

Some of these I may have already shared.. Oh well. 

 Joseph celebrated his 1 year birthday.. Here in Nebraska. We celebrated this one closer to his 13 month mark. Since J was born 12/31/12 and we were in Tx, we had a birthday for him there with My family and then celebrated here in NE once we got settled in to our new home! 

We have been sticking out our tounge and figuring out ears, eyes and noses..  He loves to play with his ears. 
J also sprouted tooth 9 and tooth 10! He's my little alligator! 

My sister gives Home made body scrub for Christmas gifts! I ran out of mine quick this year and needed some more in my life.. I also decided that my lady friends here need them. So I made a bunch for valentines day!  
 J and I attended our first MOPS meeting! Joseph loved the daycare and made some new friends, I enjoyed the time with other moms and meeting new people! After our fun at MOPS we ran some errands and Joseph decided that even if it's snowing and crazy cold... He was going to take off his shoes and socks. 
Over the weekend.. We all fought a cold. J didn't seem to mind his too much but heaven forbid I wipe his nose! Ahah 
There was plenty of puppy snuggles to go around with everyone home sick. 
My sister (The Foodette) had a Birthday on Sunday! I'm pretty sure I blew up her social media and phone for it ahah! She also shares a Birthday with our Angel Grandpa! Yes, this is an old pic and of course I'm rocking that blonde-ish crazy hair. 
J got his second Highlights baby Magazine! He loves them!! 
J likes to snuggle with his Pups at night.. After a full day of chasing and tormenting them lol 
We celebrated my brother in Laws 30th birthday! He enjoyed a big 3lb lobster! 
Joseph was on his best behavior during dinner.. Except when he wanted to share with his Aunt. Ha ha 
Joseph ate a whole bowl of peas! And then wanted more! Let's hope his love for veggies keeps up!
Oh and hey! I lost some more weight! 

(Photo source-Pinterest) 

Hope y'all have a great valentines day!! 
What kind of plans do you have for valentines day?! 


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  1. Joseph is so stinkin' cute. Love him. And congrats on your weightloss! :)