Saturday, February 1, 2014

Did I Catch You At A Bad Time? { Bloggy Moms Blog Dare}

 Ok, so we live in a small-ish town. 
My husband had lots of family and friends here, which means many people stopping by at any time. 

That means that I could be at home chillin in my Pjs all day because well, c'mon who doesn't want to do that. 
And anyone could just stop by. 
Sorry, I'm not sorry, If I don't have any make up on or maybe just look like a hot mess.. It happens. 

We co- own a beast of a van ( it looks like it's from That 70's show) every now and then the friend that we co own with needs to come by and grab it for something.. Well, just so happened that I had just taken a shower and I was in my robe.. Oops. 
 No biggie, back in the day I may have been overwhelmed but now, let's face it. I was covered almost head to toe (it's a big fluffy robe) and well, I'm sure it could be worse lol! 

Did he catch me at a bad time? Haha yeah, kinda. But it was come in, grab the van keys,say hey to J and leave. 

-Photo source- Google Search- 

What's an awkward or "Bad timing" you've experienced? 


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