Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheesy BBQ Ranch Burgers

I don't know about y'all, but I'm over this winter non sense. I need some sunshine and warm spring/summer air on my skin. Stat! 

I'm looking forward to our first spring and summer in our new home!  I can't wait to see our giant trees in front and back full of green beautiful leaves, as well as the bushes in my front garden in full bloom! Not to mention filling up our pre-drained hot tub and watching Joseph chase fireflies in our back yard. But most of all, I'm all about BBQs and front porch sittin with a nice glass of wine.. Seriously.. Can you tell I'm ready for spring? Haha! 

Since our grill is in the storage shed and well it's supposed to snow tonight.. I'll just whip out my handy George Foreman grill on my stove top and cook up some burgers

:: Cheesy BBQ Ranch Burgers ::

 1 lb Ground Beef 
1/2 cup BBQ sauce 
1/2 sleeve of saltine crackers ( not pictured) 
3/4 cup shredded cheese of your choice
1 tbs ranch seasoning 
1/2tsp lemon pepper
1/2 minced Onions
1 Pinch of Minced garlic (optional) 
1 George Forman Grill ( you can also use just a simple skillet ) 

:: Notice my RUDYS BBQ SAUSE! Gotta love that sweet sweet Sauce!:; 

Crunch up your saltines leaving just a few clumps, Mix meat and all ingredients in a bowl with the crunched up crackers.
Once mixed your hamburger should feel thick and not a squishy-runny feel. If runny, just add a few more crushed crackers. 

:: Always Wash hands before and after handling raw meat:: 

Roll your hamburger meat to the size of your liking. ( remember they will plump up a bit when cooking)  I made that little one for J ! One Lb of ground beef will make a few good sized patties.

Back in 2007, I won a George Foreman grill and I am proud to say, this sucker is still kicken strong to this day! I LOVE it. It was perfect when I lived alone and still perfect with my family. Yes, I will be buying another if and when this baby ever dies. ( heaven forbid that's any time soon) 

Thanks to for the handy temp chart, I'm always at ease with my cooking. Of course, I will always make a slight cut and check my meat before serving. (I get kinda paranoid about that.. Especially with J eating the meat.) 

 Pic Source - George Foreman Cooking

After your George Foreman is ready for cooking, add your delicious patties. Do not close the lid, you'll need to use this like a normal grill and flip your burgers. Cooking each side for about 5-8 minutes. 

I had about 5 good sized patties, so I also cooked a few in my skillet. Cooking each side for about 5-8 minutes. 

Note-You won't need cooking spray on your skillet. 



:: Please note, all opinions of George Foreman are my own, I just simply love it.:: 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This month in Pictures.. So far.

It's seriously nothing new when I say that I take a lot of pictures. 
However, just be thankful you aren't getting a bazillion texts of Joseph pictures every day.. Like my Mom and sisters BWHAHAHAHA.. For that ladies, I'm not sorry. ( were 14 hrs away.. Soo I've gotta keep the J love alive!) 

If you feel like you need more pictures of J in your life.. Feel free to follow me on Instagram ( NWebb820). Or even on Facebook! 

So here is what we've been doing recently! 

Some of these I may have already shared.. Oh well. 

 Joseph celebrated his 1 year birthday.. Here in Nebraska. We celebrated this one closer to his 13 month mark. Since J was born 12/31/12 and we were in Tx, we had a birthday for him there with My family and then celebrated here in NE once we got settled in to our new home! 

We have been sticking out our tounge and figuring out ears, eyes and noses..  He loves to play with his ears. 
J also sprouted tooth 9 and tooth 10! He's my little alligator! 

My sister gives Home made body scrub for Christmas gifts! I ran out of mine quick this year and needed some more in my life.. I also decided that my lady friends here need them. So I made a bunch for valentines day!  
 J and I attended our first MOPS meeting! Joseph loved the daycare and made some new friends, I enjoyed the time with other moms and meeting new people! After our fun at MOPS we ran some errands and Joseph decided that even if it's snowing and crazy cold... He was going to take off his shoes and socks. 
Over the weekend.. We all fought a cold. J didn't seem to mind his too much but heaven forbid I wipe his nose! Ahah 
There was plenty of puppy snuggles to go around with everyone home sick. 
My sister (The Foodette) had a Birthday on Sunday! I'm pretty sure I blew up her social media and phone for it ahah! She also shares a Birthday with our Angel Grandpa! Yes, this is an old pic and of course I'm rocking that blonde-ish crazy hair. 
J got his second Highlights baby Magazine! He loves them!! 
J likes to snuggle with his Pups at night.. After a full day of chasing and tormenting them lol 
We celebrated my brother in Laws 30th birthday! He enjoyed a big 3lb lobster! 
Joseph was on his best behavior during dinner.. Except when he wanted to share with his Aunt. Ha ha 
Joseph ate a whole bowl of peas! And then wanted more! Let's hope his love for veggies keeps up!
Oh and hey! I lost some more weight! 

(Photo source-Pinterest) 

Hope y'all have a great valentines day!! 
What kind of plans do you have for valentines day?! 


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Did I Catch You At A Bad Time? { Bloggy Moms Blog Dare}

 Ok, so we live in a small-ish town. 
My husband had lots of family and friends here, which means many people stopping by at any time. 

That means that I could be at home chillin in my Pjs all day because well, c'mon who doesn't want to do that. 
And anyone could just stop by. 
Sorry, I'm not sorry, If I don't have any make up on or maybe just look like a hot mess.. It happens. 

We co- own a beast of a van ( it looks like it's from That 70's show) every now and then the friend that we co own with needs to come by and grab it for something.. Well, just so happened that I had just taken a shower and I was in my robe.. Oops. 
 No biggie, back in the day I may have been overwhelmed but now, let's face it. I was covered almost head to toe (it's a big fluffy robe) and well, I'm sure it could be worse lol! 

Did he catch me at a bad time? Haha yeah, kinda. But it was come in, grab the van keys,say hey to J and leave. 

-Photo source- Google Search- 

What's an awkward or "Bad timing" you've experienced? 


Well... This is weird. { Bloggy Moms Blog Dare 2014}

 That is pretty much what sums up my life.

I AM the weird. 
 Its true, when I get comfortable around people there is a great chance that I will be weird. Not all of the time, but a good amount  of it. You can ask any of my  co-workers and Friends!
I met one of my best friends when I started a new job in high school. She told me that when she met me, She thought I was one of the strangest  people she had known! We were opening a brand new store together in our town and I was of course a Go-Go-Go type of person. Everyone who was hired on were all paired off and made to drive through neighborhoods,passing out flyers and put coupons on peoples door.. This lovely lady was stuck in the car with ME! ( and someone else, I don't remember who it was) Well, This is weird. 
She didnt talk to me much..and I dont remember every detail, But as ADHD as I am, Im sure she was a little freaked out. 

It wasnt until we started working together more that our friendship grew and grew. We have made so many memories together! Even though we are miles and miles apart and we may go days or week without talking, I never feel like Ive missed a beat. 

If its it weird, Never be afraid to give it a chance. 
Always laugh at yourself. 

__ Back in the day, my 18th Birthday__