Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome to the neighborhood

We were greeted yesterday by a neighbor of ours, and a plate full of cookies. We introduced ourselves and thanked her for the cookies as another neighbor walked up to our door. 

I though, awesome! Our neighbors are around our age and have kids! But the second neighbor was not bringing happy news.. Or a plate full of cookies (my healthy eating goal thanked her for it) 
She instead brought news of a break in.  
Whoa.. What? We almost share a driveway with her. 
Sometime after 11am , yes that's right 11AM..a couple of people kicked down her back door and made three trips in and out of her home with valuables, items that can be replaced filled with pictures and videos of her children that can't be replaced. 
My heart sank for her, but I also started thinking about our safety and security. 

It's a scary thing to think about, and well I guess you just never know and have to take precaution as much as possible. I'm thankful that in our house.. Someone is always home. As well as our dogs. 

If everyone could keep my neighbor in your thoughts and prayers it would be appreciated! 

So tell me, has anything like this happened to you? 


  1. how terrifying!! i'd hate to think that someone would steal things that are essentially worthless to most but to my family would mean so much! prayers of safety to your family!!

  2. Oh no! That's terrible. Stay safe. My car was broken into outside my house when we lived in GA. My husband had left an empty laptop case in the backseat and they broke the windows to get it. It just made me mad, though. I can't imagine someone coming in the house. So scary!

  3. Ekk!! Good thing you got your dog back!!! Like a month after we moved into our house... there was random break ins happening and we were like what the heck because we thought we were in a "nice" town. Anyways, that was the only time it ever had happened thankfully!

    Hope you keep those bad guys or girls away!!!!