Sunday, January 5, 2014

We've been busy!

My husband and I finally signed for our new ( to us) 1923 home! Only a few days pushed back, we finally got our first home! 

Moving out of our rental and into our new home in 3 days was rough work. Especially with the events leading up to our move. 
I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the move and watching Joseph, as well as everyone who have their thoughts, prayers and well wishes as we laid Adams grandmother to rest that week. 
I will happily say that next time, I don't think we will be buying a home right before Christmas!  We were contacted by HGTV House Hunters to film our journey. Sadly, we could not film due to the timing and Holidays. 

We moved Friday-Sunday and Sunday night at midnight we packed up and headed to Texas for Christmas! 

It was sooo wonderful getting to see my family and some friends! We had so much fun and could not thank everyone enough! 
Joseph and my BIL taking a stroll. J loves his Uncle Jeff! 

Photo Credit- Jeff
Photo Credit- Susan @TheFoodette 
My Momma! (Grammy) 
Joseph was real quick to master those stairs! Both up and down. 
Now he is opening doors at our new house! Ahh 

My Momma, sisters and myself all had a girl night at a painting place in Austin! It was so much fun and now I want to paint everything! ( ok, not everything..) 

And then on December 31st, our little man Turned 1! (My husband shares his bday as well!) I managed to cry after J smashed his cake up, I did better than I thought I would though.. I figured I would have been crying a lot more haha! 
J was just sitting there looking so cute, so of course I snapped a few pics! 
My sister ( The Foodette) did a great Job baking the cakes and getting the food together! 
Yup, that's a huge smash cake! Lol don't worry he didn't eat it all.. Poor guy was already so tired from playing! 
J loved the extream fun bouncy house place. Adam helped him figure out the toddler section. Once J got a hang of it he went wild! 

For my Husbands birthday celebration, we all went to Top Golf! Adam was in heaven! We had two cozy ports on the very top floor! Everyone had a great time! 
We all headed back home to ring in the new year, except we were all in bed before midnight. Haha! 

We're back home now, unpacking and deep cleaning everything. Adam had already fixed the plumbing for our shower in the basement, ripped up the old caulk in our bathroom upstairs and deep cleaned the shower and bathroom.  I've been busy unpacking and organizing the kitchen, dusting like crazy (I'm not sure the previous owners ever dusted) and of course deep cleaning! Our house is starting to feel like a HOME and I can't wait to start painting! There is still so much to do and so many years to do it all :-P 
With the wild winds and winter weather we are staying put inside and relaxing a bit between unpacking. 
Our start to 2014 has been great so far! I'm working on eating better/ cleaner, so far everything is going great! If you have Instagram feel free to follow me 
( NWebb820) any support is always welcome! 

Can't wait to share more house pictures and future projects! 

Happy New Year, y'all! 



  1. love all the photos! so glad to be back and catching up on ya, looks like you've been doing a lot! congrats on the new house :)

    1. Thanks Kelsey! You are so sweet! I was missing my blog for sure, but just go go go all month long! Thankful to be so busy that's for sure! Happy new year!

  2. You HAVE been busy! Happy New Year!! Congrats on your NEW home. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. He sure is super cute. How FUN you got to hang out in Austin. I'm envious!! lol

    1. Thanks Doll! You are so sweet! We honestly didn't do a whole lot around Austin, mostly Round Rock! Austin has gotten so crowded

  3. “My husband and I finally signed for our new (to us) 1923 home!” - Congratulations! A new house is definitely a great gift. But hearing all its problems certainly puts a damper on things. It’s such a great advantage that Adam is quite the handyman. Somehow, cleaning and fixing the plumbing and other problems become less stressful.

    Evon @ Athens Plumbing