Tuesday, January 28, 2014

confessions of a PT Stay At Home Mom.

I wont lie, when I was brain storming up this blog post, Usher- Confessions popped up in my head. ohh Usher. And in case you were wondering or wanted a sweet mental picture.. I did dance.You're  welcome. 

I have been thinking recently about why I blog.. I mean, do I have a purpose? I never do any give aways or guest post's..am I a lame blogger? who says there has to be rules? 
For me, I blog when I need to talk about things or really keep some memories. I also take a lot of picures. true story.  Im sorry to all of my Instagram followers - NWebb820-  If i blow up your news feed. ha! I personaly like to just blog about life.. and I feel like when I'm 100% myself on here, that I end up writing better.  I dont really care about the  proper punctuation or making sure everything is perfect.. because its my  own blog, damnit. Ill do what  I want. lol. (Im rather sassy today) I like to write how I would talk to a group of friends. Im a rather goofy person.. I honestly ramble a lot. Like now. 

so we are all aware that I stay at home part time with the J Man. I have thought about  working full time again. You know, that 9-5 type shizz nizz.. But the thought of dropping J off at a daycare in the morning and only seeing him for a few hours at night.. nah.  I like spending the days with my chunky.. And its hard enough that I only have a few days to really spend time with the hubbs.  ( Who works so damn hard for our family. I appreciate you Boo Boo!) 


What do I do all day?- Well, Some days, I clean the house up. Ok, I try to keep this house clean..Ive got a wild child whom likes to crawl in and around everything, running wild through the house while stuffing his toys and bottles in to different things. I chase after J while he figures out how to put balls and stuffed animals in the toilet or shower.. Some days I run errands or simply just spend the day playing with J and creating memories.. 

I Wont Lie- Some days, I seriously dont even care. I stay in my pajamas all day ( yes, I put a bra on) and just be a lazy bum. I dont always take a daily shower.. ( I do always put on Deoderant)  Ill ignore the mess on the kitchen table or the pile of dishes that are in the sink. Maybe ill sit on my ass and watch Reba marathons all day long, while J is entertaining himself with the dogs and bringing all of his toys out. ( dont worry, I dont abandon my child) the days I want to feel the laziest are the daays that I have to go in to work later.

What about my Job?- Yes, I work 3 days a week.. its just enough for me , I don't feel overwhelmed with work while still being able to contribute with bills or any "fun" money to have. Its nice to have the human  interaction.. Dont get me wrong, talking to a 12 month old all day is great times.. But Im a woman, with people needs. ha! and chocolate needs... what? And I kind of sorta like my co-workers. weird, right? ha! 

Somedays, Im Grumpy-  It's true.. I have anxiety. and some days I will wake up and just have a rough time. It could trigger from a dream or just come on all of a sudden. I still have spats from my PPD and its not always fun day  with me. I was diagnosed and offered medicine shortly after I had J, but I have never taken anything.. I simply cant. I know that I will "shake it off" and it has gotten easier to recognize when its going to happen and  how to calm myself.. even when it happens so suddenly.  Some days im just like "Everyone prob thinks im such a bitch, I shouldnt  look so mad.."and then realize Im really making things awkward and just remove myself from a conversation. Its seriously wild how having a baby can change literately EVERYTHING. 

things just got serious.  shake it off. 

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I know, I know.. Best give away ever.

Thanks for letting me be weird.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think I could have written this! I am also a "part time stay at home mom," (working three nights a week!), and have days just like the ones you described. Glad I stumbled onto your blog via bloggy moms facebook hop!