Monday, January 13, 2014

5.3lbs Down!

How is everyone doing on their New Years goals? 

I'm happy to say, I have been doing really well. I'm eating better and tracking all of my meals, snacks and water intake with my : My Fitness Pal: App!  - Feel free to Add me -- NWebb11
So far at about 3 weeks in, I've lost 5.3lbs!

Of course I had my cheat day (Fridays) and I still logged my calories.. Surprisingly, I didn't really end up cheating. Every now and then I will want a sweet treat, But I've learned to stick to apples or crispy green grapes! Yum! 

The Beginning- I noticed that my weight was just going up and down, up and down.
Honestly, seeing that made me a little frustrated. I kept telling myself not to give up.. my body  is adjusting and even on the morning when I weigh my self and I dont see very much of a difference, I simply keep my head in the game and the scale makes up for it the next day! Everyones body is different and of course everyone needs their own method. 

The lone dieter - Making dinner for my Husband, Joseph and myself.. it actually hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. While my husband is one picky guy, he's getting better at trying new things! Joseph normally gets a little serving of whatever it is that I'm eating or Adams eating. I honestly thought that dinner or meals with them would be my weak point. 

Dealing with work temptaions- Where I work, sweets and goodies are seriously at arms reach.. closer. delicious high calorie snacks and drinks  that ive been indulging on for a good few years now. (One of the biggest reasons I have gained weight) Ive done a great job of avoiding temptaion at work, and making sure I take a salad or healthy dinner item, it hasnt  been too hard. While Im at work I focus on drinking water or hot tea ( Tazo Refresh is my all time favorite!) to keep myself feeling "full". 

Night Time snack attack- I have been trying to serve dinner up earlier than when we normaly eat (it could be as late as 8:30/9pm) with our work schedules or activites sometimes its a little hard. My body has gotten used to eating later in the evening. So when we do eat at around 6/7pm I'll get a little hungry. My favorite snack to turn to is a little biit of Almond butter and som Green graapes or ill share an apple with Joseph or my husband. I know, I know.. those are sugary items.. sorry yall, i tend to get a bit of a sweet tooth. Always better than Ice Cream! lol 

we are getting a new treadmill Saturday, our poor Golds Gym one we bought used off of Craigs list finally died and soon we will have the bowflex set up as well as the rest of our home gym items! Impretty  excited! Now.. to figure out a way to work out with Joseph (Since his naps are about 30 mins) so far, all weight lost has just been fro changing my diet. I Cant wait to see what happens when I  start my work outs! 

Thanks for all of  the support yall! 



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