Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Last year at thanksgiving, we spent it at my mother in laws house. My Husband, myself, mother in law, sister in law and Brother in law all stuffed ourselves around a table, Enjoyed an afternoon feast, discussed the Black Friday ads and enjoyed the company of each other. It was my first Thanksgiving away from my family and my first thanksgiving pregnant.. I was very pregnant, very swollen and really tired. Ha! 

Later that night we decided to tackle the Black Friday crowds for the first time.. Remind you again.. I was very pregnant. Lol! We didn't really know what we wanted to buy, but figured we would just see what the fuss is about and go shopping.  Oh the looks I got! We made off with some great deals.. And lots of stuff for my husband. New steel toe boots for half off and some other great stuff! We didn't go back this year, I didn't feel like there was really any good deals on stuff.. And well we are saving any and all money for our new house! 

This year, we have a 10month old (now 11months) an almost empty rental house to cook Thanksgiving dinner with my Mother in law. My husband and MIL cooked all day while I was at work. I got home, loved on my little man.. And we began to feast. We were all pretty tired.. Joseph didn't sleep well and woke up screaming a few nights in a row. This picture is exactly how we felt lol. 

When we moved into our rental, we were faced with the fact that rental houses here just simply do not allow Big dogs. Our Cattahoula that we've had since a pup.. Had to be relocated to a new home.  His Foster parents were heading out of town for Thanksgiving and asked if we would watch Chubbs for a few days. Yes, his name is Chubbs! Ha ha! 
Joseph and Chubbs just love Each other, they always have. I am happy to say that in Jan when we get back and settled in our new home.. We get Chubbs back!  I'm very thankful for the family that took him in for us, and we never thought we would actually get him back.. ( they have two young girls who love Chubbs) but it's best for their family right now, they are simply too busy for him. 

Our little chunk was able to enjoy Thanksgivibg dinner. This boy has lots and lots of teeth..he gobbled everything down and saved the ham and turkey bits for last. Of course he ate naked.. Little boys get messy! We're working on using forks and spoons.. Drinking out of a straw Sippy cup (which he's almost a pro at)
We had a low key and eventful thanksgiving. I'm thankful for a MIL that can cook some delicious food, she taught my husband how to cook a turkey and many other dishes!  I'm thankful for my family as well! With everyone being so far away, I feel like this move has actually brought us closer, especially my sisters and I. 

Now that it's December, 
We've got a lot on our plates. We close on our house in 2 weeks, leave for Texas and then celebrate Joseph turning 1! (I'm going to cry allll day!) I'm so excited to start fresh and this new chapter in our lives! 

Oh! We were contacted by HGTVs House Hunters! After many, many email exchanges with one of the nicest people ever! I'm sad to say that due to the timing of our close and move and of course the Holidays.. We won't be filmed. We were so close! Everything was a go, until we discussed dates.. Oh well! 

This weekend is the Christmas party at my husbands job, Joseph will meet Santa and there is lots of goodies for the kiddos! I hear it's really fun! 

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go Black Friday shopping? 



  1. HGTV!!! What!!! That would have been awesome!!!! Love your glasses ! Glad you will have your dog back! I bet Joseph just loves him!

  2. I knooowwww! I told my realtor that next time I'll plan better ;) Haha! We are so excited to get our pup back! We've missed him.. Even if he's a pin sometimes lol. I'm still trying to get used to the glasses.. I've got a few pairs and decided I should probably start wearing them..you know, being able to see is kinda important..right? Lol!