Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recipe swap- Overnight Rolls

I've been a bit MIA:
 if you read my last post you will have seen that we're MOVING! Yey! So besides packing and cleaning and working and of course chasing after my wild child..  I joined in on a recipe swap! 

My sister ( The Foodette) and Doree ( Top Notch Mom) hosted the recipe swap! It was perfect timing because I had been going through my cook books to find something new, I was getting tired of feeling like I was cooking or baking the same thing. So, I joined in! 

I was paired with the lovely Lauren @ From Gate to plate! We swapped emails and social media sites and of course our recipes and even joked around on Instagram  about our football rivals.
Y'all should really go check out her blog, there are some SERIOUSLY delicious recipes on there!

Lauren sent me "Donna's Famous Overnight Rolls." 
How perfect is this recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas?! 

This is where it gets fun! I used a big Tupperware bowl to keep the dough in while it was rising, with a sealed lid. Lauren notes that you can also use the big zip lock bags! Easy peasy! 

 If you don't wish to make so many rolls, Lauren provided all the measurements in half! This came in handy for me, turns out I only had enough flour for the half batch! 
Thanks for that, Lauren! 

I decided to make loaves instead of rolls, it works better for us this way!
  ( and Im going to pair it up with a beef stew tonight!)
I filled my two pans half way, covered them with a kitchen towel and when I came back the next morning there were two beautiful raised loaves! 

After Baking in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, my nose was excited and my mouth was watering! ( I really love bread y'all, it's a beautiful yet dangerous thing.) 
Letting both pans cool just a bit, I spread some butter on top to melt! 

These babies are SO delicious and soft! I share a bite with Joseph and he shoved the whole thing in his mouth, and later wanted some more!  I give myself a high five for not making this an epic fail lol! And of course Lauren a High five for sharing this with me! 
It will now go into my recipe book and I will be making these again next week for Thanksgiving! 
Thanks Lauren! 

Note- you can freeze these after baking, just reheat until warm! 

Enjoy y'all! 


Thanks again to Doree & Susan for Hosting! 
As well as Lauren for the recipe! It was fun! 


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