Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Recent Happenings

I've been a little quiet within my social media. 
Honestly, I've just been busy.  But every day I think about my blog. "What do I write about? What's all of my other favorite blogs up too?" Well, I'm still reading y'all! 

I've been chasing after Joseph who is a few steps from running! Haha seriously, he's a quick little guy. 
It's been chilly here, so we've been playing "follow the Momma" inside, as I scramble from room to room trying to figure out what to pack and when it's an ok time to do it. It's different packing up with a kiddo. Oh and also packing for a trip too! 
We still have a few weeks until we get the keys to our house, but I'm trying to keep this as stress free as possible. Praying the weather stays on our side as well until after we get home from our trip! 
That'll make for easy and safe moving/ traveling. Don't worry, I've got lists of " To Do's" going on..Other than that.. My focus is mainly on this little guy. 
This was a very sleepy bath baby. He's been taking really long afternoon naps and then skipping his evening naps. So about 8-9pm he's zonked.  

it's the season for your crock pot, y'all! I love cooking in our crock pot! I got to work Sunday to be surprised with a card and this awesome cook book from a co-worker! She's so sweet! 

I babysat another co-workers 1 month old. Joseph was lovin on her and so interested. He's been around babies his size and up.. But never smaller. She will be around more after the 2nd of December. 

We had our first bit of snow for the season. This was the beginning of it on my car while I was at work. I was surprised how long it took for the snow to melt.. It's gone now though. 

If you have Instagram, follow me!  My pictures are private so you have to request it. Since Joseph has started having tantrums when I tell him "No" or "don't hit" or when he's just plain sleepy.. I've been capturing some faces and he's got his own hashtag lol. Yes, I plan on showing him when he is older. It's kinda cute.. For now. Haha.  I believe this tantrum was because I wouldn't let him eat his baby soap.. Yup. 
There's one from when I pulled him away from playing in the laundry shoot.. ( his Dad used to slide down it when he was a kid!) 

My MIL brought us a bunch of storage bins to help move.. Joseph made one for his favorite items. 
While I'm packing, Joseph likes to help put his animal cookies in the boxes or random items.. It'll be interesting to see way we find while unpacking! 
Now we wind down this post with some relaxing baby yoga! He stayed in downward dog for a while.. Watching Mickey Mouse of course. Haha! 

That's what's been going on around here! 

I can't wait to give everyone a house tour when we move! Yey!

Happy Thanksgiving week , y'all! 



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    1. Thanks Doll! Happy thanksgiving to you as well!

  2. Hi Nicole! What a sweet little face. I wish there was digital photography when my children were little. Enjoy each moment - and love the fun captures.

    I am doing the Bloggy Moms December hop, choosing to focus my comment love especially on the ten blogs right around my link (I'm #29). I look forward to getting to know you this month!

    1. What a fantastic idea, Julie!
      Welcome! And thanks for reading :) I'll head over and check your blog out too!