Friday, November 1, 2013

A spooky 10 month old!

Joseph is 10 months old as of Halloween! 
Can't believe were in double digits! Seriously though y'all.. Time flies! 

We celebrated his 10 months of life, with his second round of flu shot,Some MAJOR nurse flirting, A trip to Starbucks where he got his Barista flirt on and then a nice long nap through the grocery store. He didn't want to wake up to get in his car seat. Hard life. 
We had a few mommas just love on him while he was snuggled in the cart fast asleep. They made sure to let me know how lucky I am that he sleeps lol. 
I am very thankful for it, and I made sure to bring in his blanket for a better snuggle and cover when we headed for the car. 

(I would tell you to excuse the mess.. But seriously, I have a newly walking grabbing everything 10 month old.. Toys EVERYWHERE.)
This kiddo falls asleep in a bowling alley! I'm pretty sure it's because while I was pregnant we spent most of our time in a bowling alley or in louder areas. 
We carved pumpkins the other day, well.. I did. Joseph took a nap and Adam was at his bowling league. 

I scooped out all the seeds and made a small pile for Joseph to investigate. 
Joseph wasn't really interested, I honestly figured he would go nuts! My pup was however interested in stealing and eating the guts. Which is good for the doggie it's fiber and helps their coats! Just not too much. ;) 
Joseph figured out how to put the tips on the pumpkins.. Pull them off and put them back on. He then placed all the cut out pieces back in the pumpkins. Smart kiddo! 
while putting in the pieces he discovered a few more seeds and slime! And enjoyed it more than the guts I put out for him. 
Ps- it was practically snowing here so I had to do this in our kitchen haha 
Ok, wasn't snowing.. But it was cold! Brr! 

Ladies and Gentleman.. My Husband.

The mall here does a trick or treating deal for an hour. Some of the stores participated and it's a great way for them to advertise sales. My curious 10 month old.. Fell asleep as soon as we pulled into the mall parking lot. He slept through the entire trick or treating even with screaming kids! As soon as we walked up the the car he woke up and was wide awake! Seriously?! 
We felt kinda bad that we were getting candy and he was passed out.. But we all know that the candy is really for the parents! Haha 

Speaking of, have y'all heard of the "Switch Witch"? You tell your kiddos that they can keep their candy, or have a visit from the switch witch, and she will switch their candy for a toy! Start about a week or a few days before Halloween. Ask your kids what kind of toy they think the switch witch will bring them.. Get some ideas. And when they choose the switch witch, they get a toy and he/she (you) get the candy or you can donate it! Neat, huh?  I told my Hubbs about it, we will be doing that with our kiddos! 

What are some fun traditions your family does for Halloween?!? 



  1. Honestly, where there is a cutie like Joseph in the pics, I don't see anything else :) Just think how much fun Halloween will be next year! Christian fell asleep I've been hearing lots about the switch witch this year too. Cute idea!

  2. Thanks girl! Christian looked SOOO cute as a little lion! Love it!

  3. Your Halloween pictures are so fun! Your son is such a squeezable cutie pie, too! BTW, Our Humble Webb is this week's Blog of the Week over on Blog Mommas! Congrats, Nicole!!