Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Recent Happenings

I've been a little quiet within my social media. 
Honestly, I've just been busy.  But every day I think about my blog. "What do I write about? What's all of my other favorite blogs up too?" Well, I'm still reading y'all! 

I've been chasing after Joseph who is a few steps from running! Haha seriously, he's a quick little guy. 
It's been chilly here, so we've been playing "follow the Momma" inside, as I scramble from room to room trying to figure out what to pack and when it's an ok time to do it. It's different packing up with a kiddo. Oh and also packing for a trip too! 
We still have a few weeks until we get the keys to our house, but I'm trying to keep this as stress free as possible. Praying the weather stays on our side as well until after we get home from our trip! 
That'll make for easy and safe moving/ traveling. Don't worry, I've got lists of " To Do's" going on..Other than that.. My focus is mainly on this little guy. 
This was a very sleepy bath baby. He's been taking really long afternoon naps and then skipping his evening naps. So about 8-9pm he's zonked.  

it's the season for your crock pot, y'all! I love cooking in our crock pot! I got to work Sunday to be surprised with a card and this awesome cook book from a co-worker! She's so sweet! 

I babysat another co-workers 1 month old. Joseph was lovin on her and so interested. He's been around babies his size and up.. But never smaller. She will be around more after the 2nd of December. 

We had our first bit of snow for the season. This was the beginning of it on my car while I was at work. I was surprised how long it took for the snow to melt.. It's gone now though. 

If you have Instagram, follow me!  My pictures are private so you have to request it. Since Joseph has started having tantrums when I tell him "No" or "don't hit" or when he's just plain sleepy.. I've been capturing some faces and he's got his own hashtag lol. Yes, I plan on showing him when he is older. It's kinda cute.. For now. Haha.  I believe this tantrum was because I wouldn't let him eat his baby soap.. Yup. 
There's one from when I pulled him away from playing in the laundry shoot.. ( his Dad used to slide down it when he was a kid!) 

My MIL brought us a bunch of storage bins to help move.. Joseph made one for his favorite items. 
While I'm packing, Joseph likes to help put his animal cookies in the boxes or random items.. It'll be interesting to see way we find while unpacking! 
Now we wind down this post with some relaxing baby yoga! He stayed in downward dog for a while.. Watching Mickey Mouse of course. Haha! 

That's what's been going on around here! 

I can't wait to give everyone a house tour when we move! Yey!

Happy Thanksgiving week , y'all! 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recipe swap- Overnight Rolls

I've been a bit MIA:
 if you read my last post you will have seen that we're MOVING! Yey! So besides packing and cleaning and working and of course chasing after my wild child..  I joined in on a recipe swap! 

My sister ( The Foodette) and Doree ( Top Notch Mom) hosted the recipe swap! It was perfect timing because I had been going through my cook books to find something new, I was getting tired of feeling like I was cooking or baking the same thing. So, I joined in! 

I was paired with the lovely Lauren @ From Gate to plate! We swapped emails and social media sites and of course our recipes and even joked around on Instagram  about our football rivals.
Y'all should really go check out her blog, there are some SERIOUSLY delicious recipes on there!

Lauren sent me "Donna's Famous Overnight Rolls." 
How perfect is this recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas?! 

This is where it gets fun! I used a big Tupperware bowl to keep the dough in while it was rising, with a sealed lid. Lauren notes that you can also use the big zip lock bags! Easy peasy! 

 If you don't wish to make so many rolls, Lauren provided all the measurements in half! This came in handy for me, turns out I only had enough flour for the half batch! 
Thanks for that, Lauren! 

I decided to make loaves instead of rolls, it works better for us this way!
  ( and Im going to pair it up with a beef stew tonight!)
I filled my two pans half way, covered them with a kitchen towel and when I came back the next morning there were two beautiful raised loaves! 

After Baking in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, my nose was excited and my mouth was watering! ( I really love bread y'all, it's a beautiful yet dangerous thing.) 
Letting both pans cool just a bit, I spread some butter on top to melt! 

These babies are SO delicious and soft! I share a bite with Joseph and he shoved the whole thing in his mouth, and later wanted some more!  I give myself a high five for not making this an epic fail lol! And of course Lauren a High five for sharing this with me! 
It will now go into my recipe book and I will be making these again next week for Thanksgiving! 
Thanks Lauren! 

Note- you can freeze these after baking, just reheat until warm! 

Enjoy y'all! 


Thanks again to Doree & Susan for Hosting! 
As well as Lauren for the recipe! It was fun! 


Monday, November 11, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you can already guess what this post is about.
I haven't been as active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram recently and I felt like people may have noticed that I got quiet. 
Well, I've been busy. I've been stressed, I've been praying and Just trying to remain calm.
I made a post on my Facebook saying we had big news If you follow "Our Humble Webb" on Facebook I'm sure you've seen a few guesses.. And well  Were not pregnant again.. Nice guess lol! 

My Husband and I have made the decision to BUY A HOUSE
Our first home to be exact, our starter home a place to raise our son and future children! 

My husband and I had talked about moving back to Texas, we weighed our options and we did some research.. It just wasn't going to be the best for us right now. With my Husbands job and my job..it's best for us to stay here in Nebraska for now. Texas will always run deep in my heart though and we will visit as much as we can! 

Since my husband is a veteran we are able to use the VA Homeloan services, and seriously...it's the most wonderful service ever! The people were so nice and helpful!  We were paired up with a great realtor here in town, who has been wonderful with meeting our "needs" in a home and giving an honest opinion! Seriously y'all, if you are able to use the VA home loan service.. DO IT! You won't regret it.

Adam and I found a house that we LOVED! It had everything and more that we wanted. We went back to see it for the second time and decided to put in an offer.  
We waited.. Longest 24 hrs of my life! 
I knew they would counter.. But after multiple tries of trying to work with them..there was no budge.
We had to swallow our pride and walk away. 

Let the search begin, AGAIN.

Adam found a newer listing and was intrigued. The price was wonderful, the updates were great..so let's go and take a look.
I went with our realtor while Adam was at work. It was wonderful, beautiful and  I couldn't wait to take him back and let him see everything the house had to offer! 
There's a big front porch, and cute back yard with a big two car garage ( total man cave ready) 
A basement with a family room, a storage room, laundry and an office.. 
Two bedrooms up stairs with a cute bathroom and an adorable kitchen!
Hard wood floors through the house and so much more, y'all! 
There was charm of it being an older house..but the updates of a modern look. 
When Adam got off of work we met back up with our realtor and took another look..Adam loves it just as much as I do, so.. We put in an offer! 
My mind was more at ease with this house, I wasn't worried..I wasn't feeling stressed.
Next thing you know I'm getting a call from our realtor. 
They accepted our offer!
* Happy dance!!* 

We've signed the agreement papers, and scheduled an inspection. 
Praying everything goes well with the inspection so that we can continue to move forward. 
Our closing date is set to mid December, right before our trip to Texas for Christmas! ( we have a thing for moving when it's snowing) ahaha! 

I cant wait to show y'all more pictures, but for now..I will tease you with this one! Yey!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A spooky 10 month old!

Joseph is 10 months old as of Halloween! 
Can't believe were in double digits! Seriously though y'all.. Time flies! 

We celebrated his 10 months of life, with his second round of flu shot,Some MAJOR nurse flirting, A trip to Starbucks where he got his Barista flirt on and then a nice long nap through the grocery store. He didn't want to wake up to get in his car seat. Hard life. 
We had a few mommas just love on him while he was snuggled in the cart fast asleep. They made sure to let me know how lucky I am that he sleeps lol. 
I am very thankful for it, and I made sure to bring in his blanket for a better snuggle and cover when we headed for the car. 

(I would tell you to excuse the mess.. But seriously, I have a newly walking grabbing everything 10 month old.. Toys EVERYWHERE.)
This kiddo falls asleep in a bowling alley! I'm pretty sure it's because while I was pregnant we spent most of our time in a bowling alley or in louder areas. 
We carved pumpkins the other day, well.. I did. Joseph took a nap and Adam was at his bowling league. 

I scooped out all the seeds and made a small pile for Joseph to investigate. 
Joseph wasn't really interested, I honestly figured he would go nuts! My pup was however interested in stealing and eating the guts. Which is good for the doggie it's fiber and helps their coats! Just not too much. ;) 
Joseph figured out how to put the tips on the pumpkins.. Pull them off and put them back on. He then placed all the cut out pieces back in the pumpkins. Smart kiddo! 
while putting in the pieces he discovered a few more seeds and slime! And enjoyed it more than the guts I put out for him. 
Ps- it was practically snowing here so I had to do this in our kitchen haha 
Ok, wasn't snowing.. But it was cold! Brr! 

Ladies and Gentleman.. My Husband.

The mall here does a trick or treating deal for an hour. Some of the stores participated and it's a great way for them to advertise sales. My curious 10 month old.. Fell asleep as soon as we pulled into the mall parking lot. He slept through the entire trick or treating even with screaming kids! As soon as we walked up the the car he woke up and was wide awake! Seriously?! 
We felt kinda bad that we were getting candy and he was passed out.. But we all know that the candy is really for the parents! Haha 

Speaking of, have y'all heard of the "Switch Witch"? You tell your kiddos that they can keep their candy, or have a visit from the switch witch, and she will switch their candy for a toy! Start about a week or a few days before Halloween. Ask your kids what kind of toy they think the switch witch will bring them.. Get some ideas. And when they choose the switch witch, they get a toy and he/she (you) get the candy or you can donate it! Neat, huh?  I told my Hubbs about it, we will be doing that with our kiddos! 

What are some fun traditions your family does for Halloween?!?