Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Toddler Nesting

Moving the kitchen table and making some more "baby proofing" fixes in our kitchen last night, clearly ment that I needed to disinfect everything. Yep. Everything, that included deep in the base board and the horrible wood panel wall. Hellooo 70's. Ugh Rental home probs. ;) I heard a chuckle as I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and using Lysol wipes on everything. (Which Btw: I LOVE Lysol wipes. Anyone else?) my husband was laughing at me. "It's like you're going through your nesting phase all over again." 
- I'm not pregnant, in case you were going to ask.- 
Honestly though, having a tiny new baby I let the house go. Now, I've got an almost walking 9 month old who wants to put anything and everything in his mouth.( yes, time flies as fast as they say it does.)  And it took one time of him crawling around on the kitchen floor, for me to see all the dirt on his knees and just shudder in disgust. 
 As he gets older, I probably won't be so concerned because well, I have a Boy.. Who will prob bring me mud pies full of worms in the future. But for now, I'm going to "Toddler Nest" and do my best of keeping the house clean. Trying to find the motivation on days where I have to go to work and clean as well, It can be a little frustrating especially when you feel like you're the only one making the effort to keep things picked up. Yes,sometimes I want to just say "forget it." And sit down and be a big ol lazy bum.. But the clutter free and clean house feel is such a wonderful feeling. 
But really, 
Is my child the only one who rips off the corner bumpers and chews on them?
:: not Joseph proof::

Mom friends, do you ever feel a guilt for staying home with your kiddo(s)? Were you nervous about the SAHM life change?  
What are some of your favorite baby safety items? 


  1. Very proud of you....yer just like your mom. ..and that is a very good thing!

  2. I feel absolutely no guilt for staying home with my kiddos. Staying home with your kiddos is a very important job in and of itself.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm kind of obsessed with taking pictures and videos of him ;) thank you!

  4. Seriously. This has to be one of the most ADORABLE pics of your little man! TOO CUTE! Right now I only clean the floors once a week...but I keep thinking that once Christian is on the move that just isn't going to be enough...ugh. Honestly, I don't necessarily feel "guilty" for staying home...but I feel "not enough"...Trying to remind myself every day that taking care of our little boy and being with him and loving on him is DEFINITELY enough. So no, I don't feel guilty, but it isn't exactly the most "productive" see the evidence of my hard work every day kind of rewarding job...payment comes in smiles and snuggles and I'm A-Okay with that :)

    1. Can you just be my neighbor and we can do mom things together?!

    2. Oh my goodness...if only!!!! :) That would just be too much fun!

    3. ah! And our little guys could be besties! :) We can dream right? lol

    4. Yes!! Lol and if have someone to go on walks with lol! I get nervous walking by myself with J and my little dog Ha!

  5. Yes, when they are crawling I'm down on my hands and knees too reassessing the ground for choking hazards and tiny traps.
    I never ever feel guilty for being a SAHM. What is there to feel guilty about?! :) Moms have tremendous value at home. In my personal experience I know that when I start letting that validation slip then I think I need to seek it somewhere else.