Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday's Good Vibes (Some things I'm Loving)

I've already shared a post today, But hey.. Who can pass up some good feelings with Katie? This girl is so stinkin' cute and so is her blog! If you want to Link up with us, Visit her blog and lets spread some good vibes on this Saturday! Some things I'm Loving.

  This Weather!-  Seriously, It's so nice and breezy today. We have the Windows open, the sun shining in and we spent some time playing in the back yard while Joseph discovered a brown crunchy leaf!

My Husband-  I mean, thats a given right? But today I managed to see a different kind of joy in his face while he was watching Joseph play in the grass and discover a new way of "Crawlking" (yes, I made it up..he did this crawl walk and we even spent on time in the spare room letting Joseph explore and bounce around on the bed *fully supervised of course!* I also am loving the hard work and  support he is giving us right now, even when I get cranky with him.  :-P

Cleaning Products-  Hi, Im Nicole and I have an addiction to Clorox and Lysol wipes. Ive been using them for Josephs high chair needs and counter tops for quick wipe ups. its so much easier than spraying everything! And well, since Im always trying to keep the house picked up and clean.. they are helpful!

Coffee- I had to get myself a big old cup of delicious coffee this morning, due to Joseph being up every 2 hours last night with his Molars cutting through. Poor guy, he gets so snuggly when he's not feeling well. Sooo theres a slight joy in the teething pain. ;) extra snuggles!

Last but not least.. (just keeping it short)

Face Time- I got to see and talk to both of my Sisters yesterday, who also got to watch Joseph in action(since were 13 hours away from each other!)! It's a great way for him to be able to see them as well and know their cute faces! His smiles are the best when he's on face time with them! We are so blessed to have the technology we have today!

What are some things you're loving today? Link up With Katie and share!


  1. Awww I love it! "Crawlking" hehehe too cute. Joseph is just too adorable!!! :) We've been having the best weather too. I don't want it to end!

    Thanks for linking up, sweet girl!


  2. Hope Joseph has been letting you get some sleep since Saturday! Always makes for long days! Glad you got to talk to your sisters even though it was just via Facetime... seriously what did people do 100 years ago without these awesome ways to communicate with being far away???