Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Shindigs

Ps- that's my sweet "Eskimo" Hood , not my hair lol! 
Top-Joseph snoozing. 
Bottom- Our friend DJ and myself. And of course my husband and I. 

It's officially COLD! Sheesh. Today's high was about... 50 Degrees. Bbrrr!! 
A nice cold front came through last night just in time for the parade in town. 
And yes, we still went to watch and see how Joseph would handle it. 
--He slept-- 
I bundled him up nice and tight, and then bundled him up some more. 
There were many bands, fire trucks, people cheering and lots of laughter.. And Joseph, Slept. 
He was awake for maybe a while 15-20minutes though through the middle of everything.. And then zonked out again.
I guess since he didn't sleep well last night, he made up for it today. Sheesh.

( I just checked the weather.. Looks like we won't freeze just yet.) 

After freezing our Bums off we returned to the car and headed to Buffalo Wild wings, to watch the Huskers Game. 

Food coma/ hardly any sleep last night.. Bleh. 
My little chunk got lots of love from the staff! 
And then fell back asleep.. And slept through the cheering and all of the noise in BDubbs. I mean, is it because of the weather?!? (He's taking another nap now) 

I'm not ready to go to work tomorrow, I'm lucky because I only work 3 days a week, but it's seriously hard for me to leave especially when Joseph starts to fuss as I walk down our stairs.. And then him watching me from living room windows. 

Remember how I mentioned a few posts ago that Joseph cut 8 teeth.. Yeah, now he's cutting his molars.  Oh my my my. 
My mother told me to brace myself, yep.. That is right, we're bracing over here. Ahh! 

Pardon me, I may just be a tad bit sleep deprived. 


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