Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting chilly!

It's really starting to get cold here, and windy! Brr. 
It's only a matter of time before the snow starts falling again and I'll have to wrestle the car seat with Joseph's jackets. Meh. 
Weve got freeze and frost warnings already! Whoa buddy! 
Any moms have some good tips? 
The grocery store is so boring you know. Joseph got tired of waiting for me to pick out a good face wash.. All of a sudden my face decided to channel my teen age years again. Ugh. 
Anyways. Poor guy was nodding off so I stuck my jacket under his little head and he was content, until we got outside. (Sorry buddy, I tried to wrap you up.). Note to self.. Next time I'm shopping alone with him when it starts to snow.. Take the fleece blanket. 

I'm nervous as this is my first winter with a baby. My second time with some good snow.. And ill prob start crying more because that means Joseph will be 1 soon! Waaahhh!! 
 Seriously, any tips from the Mommas in the snowy areas are more than welcome! 

Joseph's molars are finally starting to cut through. We've gotten a glorious 2 nights of 8 hrs.. And last night well.. Not so much. I love that he's so snuggly and wants to be loved on while he's hurting, but I almost feel selfish for liking it because he's hurting. Poor guy. 

Last night he didn't want to be rocked to sleep and he was still awake when I got home from work (1045pm) my husband tried, I tried.. Nothing. So I sat him down on the floor and let him play it out. 
 He was tired, but oh so stubborn lol. 
So it begins! 
Shortly after this photo I got him to sleep.
And we hurried to catch some z's ourselves! 

Are you ready for the cooler weather?!
What are some of your favorite fall things to do or make?



  1. At 25 years old I STILL don't know how to dress myself for the weather let alone a baby! I swear every time I leave the house I"m either too hot or too cold...never get it right! Sorry, no tips for surviving the cold with a baby...I'll probably just start over packing extra warm stuff! lol ALL of the blankies! We went to a football game the other night and decided to just take a bottle...not sure how to nurse and stay warm when its only 40 degrees outside???

    1. Haha! Right?! Last year when we got snow.. I was always hot anyways because I was at the end of my pregnancy! We keep a big tie fleece blanket in the car now.. Guess we will just have to live and learn right ? Lol

  2. Yeah I'm Captain Overdresser - thought I live in the Great White North. I love the one piece zip up snow suits, but they aren't the best for going in and out of places. I think you are on to something with the big bundly blanket.

    1. See.. I figured our one piece zip up for if we go play.. But just running to the store lol. Sheesh. I may just be a hermit this winter ;) until we go to Tx to see Fam, and then I may just stay until the snow melts hahaha!