Saturday, October 12, 2013

Easy Toy/Bookshelf

What can you do with a couple of milk crates? 
Well, Joseph's idea was to use them to walk around the kitchen! 

As for me, I thought to make a toy/ bookshelf of course! 

I was lucky enough to get four milk crates for free! I could have grabbed a few more but I figured for now, four was ok! 
You can always check with your local grocery store or if you have a dairy company near by and simply ask them if they have some extra ones! 

Most of the crates will come in different colors. I snagged 2 black and 2 red. (Yes, with the idea of "Husker Colors" for my Husbands liking.) 

We used to keep Joseph's toys in those plastic storage shelves , although he could see them.. He couldn't get them out very easy all the time! 

I simply cleaned off the crates really well with some soap, water and a scrubby pad. Then went over them with lysol wipes. Then made sure there weren't any sharp plastic pieces sticking out and stacked them in a square. 
We have a bunch of Zip ties around, so I used those for binding the crates together and made sure they were really tight!  
- when you cut the zip ties, make sure the edges aren't sharp from the cut and then tuck them away so no little hands get hurt
-Always make sure everything is sturdy so those little fingers can't get caught between crates! 

Once you've child proofed, add your fun toys and books! 

And BAM! Baby magnet! 

The handles were great to hang Joseph's toy rings on, he could go up and pull his duck and watch it shake around! 

I thought about throwing some fabric on the bottom if each shelf, but after testing that out, I out ruled it. If I had a girl, I would have probably added some sparkle of flowers to it! 
You can certainly spray paint yours to make them the color of your choice, or make them taller as your child gets older! 

If you don't want/need them for a kiddo, these would be great to customize and use in a home office, or for shoes in a closet! (Snow shoes/mud room storage for the Winter!)

What are some ideas you have?! 
Do you like to re-use things like Pallets and crates? 

Fun fact- I have a whole pin board on Pinterest just for Pallet ideas! Haha! 

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