Sunday, October 20, 2013

DrBrown's Bottles and Food Pods!

Joseph was just as excited as I was to open our box from DrBrown's! He even helped me rip off the tape! 

Inside we found 
    One 6 Oz and One 10oz

I honestly love this bottle! I was given our first one as part of a gift bag while in the hospital with Joseph. As a breastfeeding momma and formula feeding momma, this bottle has been wonderful since day one! 

 Pros- So gentle on little tummies! Reduces colic and helps air flow through the bottle for less spit ups! It's help made either the breast milk that I pumped or the formula we used sit easily in Joseph's tummy! The top of the bottle also screws in perfectly to my breast pump! Easy to clean, hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe! 

Cons- There are a lot of parts to this bottle, storage & cleaning may seem a little weird. You'll get the hang of it in no time! 

Left-10oz hard spout : Right-6oz soft spout

DrBrown's training Training cups
   If you are in search of a great training and sippy cup for your little one, these are the way to go people! I can't begin to tell you how many training we have tried and have failed. Joseph likes to throw them, crawl around with them, shake them and will try to share with you. Yep, they take a beating from my 9 month old.  Other training cups make me nervous when in my diaper bag, and I have watched a few fall from the high chair and crack! 
DrBrown's training and Sippy cups are so durable! They DO NOT LEAK! Even when Joseph is shaking his juice around. 
Pros- Besides being durable and Joseph proof (lol) these bottles keep my mind at ease when I have them in my diaper bag. The handles are removable as your kiddo learns to hold the bottle. The curves of the bottle are great for little hands to hold when you take the handles off. They have a unique design inside that keeps the liquid in unless the kiddo is drinking away. You can hear the bottle working! It's not a loud and annoying thing, I personally like it because I know the bottle is working! Easy to clean, hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe! 

Cons- There are a couple of parts to these bottles. And I honestly don't mind it, but make sure daddies know how these bottles work.. Haha! Also, make sure not to screw on the top too tight or your kiddo won't be able to get anything through. It only took one time for me to realize it was on too tight. 

 6oz bottle 

10oz Bottle 

 I am big on making my own baby food. It's seriously SO easy and so inexpensive! I started out putting my purrees in ice cube trays and then in freezer bags. Getting the baby food out of the ice cube trays wasn't always easy. 
I adore this system! And as a bonus, you get a wonderful recipe book to help you create some delicious purrees or simple meals for your kiddo!

Pros- So simple! The flexible shell makes it easy to get the frozen food out of the pod. If you don't freeze all of the pods and just put them in the fridge, the flexible pod makes it easy to hold while feeding!  The tray makes it easy to stack in the freezer. Easy to clean, hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe!  

Cons- I didn't get these earlier! Haha. 

I hope this helps!
 I highly recommend DrBrown's products for your little one! 

* This post is all of my own personal opinions and my own personal pictures. DrBrown's has not compensated me in any form other than complimentary products to review for this post. Thank You.* 


  1. I'm going to have to check out these pods! Right now we're only doing cereal with Christian but I'm hoping to try to make some of his food too and these look awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks doll! Check them out for sure! I seriously wish I had the pods earlier!