Saturday, October 26, 2013

Liebster Blog Award!!!

 WOW! This is my FIRST blog award! 
Thanks so much to Stefanie ! What a sweetheart! 
Make sure you check out her adorable and Nebraska filled blog, Husak Household

                                            Photo Credit- Kelsey Homolka

 This award is given to new or up and coming bloggers..This award is generally given to Bloggers with 200 or less followers, But Liebster has a more powerful meaning, I will be sharing some of my favorite blogs with y'all! This award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word and support one another. Here's what you have to do: 

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to. 
3. Choose new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post. 
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award. 
5. No tag backs. 

My 11 Random Facts About Me:
1. My Hands are ALWAYS cold.. like Ice to the touch. It's weird, but funny.
2. I don't wear Jewelry.. besides my wedding ring, I've never really been into Jewelry unless its a special occasion.
3. I LOVE to sing and as cliche as it sounds Im actually really good at it..but I can't sing in front of anyone. Not even my husband.
4. I cry at everything, just looking at something and thinking about a memory or my son as a older child..Ill cry. I blame it on the new mom hormones.
5. I don't speak about my past, I remember the good and bad times and those are simply for memory. I believe I should live in the present and look forward to the future. Living my life to the fullest.
6. I worry and stress about EVERYTHING. Ask my husband.
7. I'm a planner, I seriously cannot stand when things don't go as planned. I can't be surprised either because of this.
8. I Hate being late to anything, it kills me if I am late, and yes..Im human so I have been late to work or appointments.
9. I would rather Drive for traveling, than fly. I just like having control of the traveling..and now with a kiddo,its just easier for me.
10. I Didn't have a wedding. I couldn't stand the thought of the stress from the planning and spending so much money on one day. we decided that a simple Court house wedding would be fine, and the money that would have been spent on a big wedding it going to buy a HOME for our family. We may do a shin-dig for our 10 years though.
11. I suffer from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I shared a bit about it on this post.

My 11 Questions from Stefanie:

1. If you had to choose a last supper, what would you choose? PAD THAI! all the way! Im obsessed.
2. If you could go back to any era, which era would you go back to and what fashion trend would you rock? Hmm, Prob the 80's, Big Hair and lots of color!
3. What is your ultimate goal for your blog? Im not about the number of followers, Im about relating to my readers and well, keep my blog full of memories that I can go back and read about when my kiddos are older.
4. How would you describe the perfect home? Front Porch, nice back yard and the smell of Cinnamon. 
5. If you got $1 million dollars and had to give it all away, how would you share it? Donate it to cancer research.
6. If you could meet one celebrity, who would you meet and why? Michael Buble, because..he's a very beautiful beautiful man! Oh and talented lol 
7. If you could have any profession (real or made-up) what would you choose to do with your life? I would love to work with companies that design and create products for families and Mothers that make life a little bit easier. I'm so fascinated with all of the baby products, but can't afford all of them lol!!  
8. Would you rather have someone clean your house every day or do your hair and make-up and dress you every day? A clean house is a happy house, sooo Clean! 
9. If you lived the life of a TV character, who would you be? The Mom from the Middle. HAHA! oh goodness.
10. What piece of technology can you not live without? My Cell phone. so sad, because I remember when they became really BIG! 
11. Do you know where your ancestors came from (your heritage) and does your family celebrate anything special from their culture? Germany, and Negative. 

My 11 Questions for My Nominees:
1. What is your dream vacation?
2. Would you rather buy a Big fancy home, or a fixer upper?
3. How many kids do/did you imagine yourself having
4.  Do you enjoy watching football? or tolerate it because your Spouse enjoys it.
5. Favorite time of the year, why?
6. Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner or dessert?
7. Apple or Andrioid? Can you last a day without it?
8. If you could move and live anywhere in the US , where would it be?
9. Coffee or Tea? Why?
10. What is your favorite beauty product.
11. What is your favorite thing to make? Craft/ Food/ Home goods?

My Nominees:

1-  Shannon @ Everyday Mom-ents
2- Chandelle @ Mommy's First Year
3-  Susan @ The Foodette
4- Shawna @ Dovetail Blog
5- Amanda @ Maggiano Takes Austin
6- Mrs. K @ Mrs K and Captain J
7- Katie @ A Kup of Katie
8- Words about Waverly
9- Ashlee @ The Moreno Movement
10- Amanda @ Reed All About It
11- Ruthie @ The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart

Virtual Recipe Swap!

Lets swap recipes!

I have just joined in with Susan at The Foodette  and Doree from Top Notch Mom for a virtual recipe swap! YUM!

Last year for Christmas my Mother-In-Law gave me a wonderful personalized recipe binder to put some of my own or favorite recipes in! How cool, huh?
I have a few that I have added, but what better way to add some more?

Join in with us, Check out The Foodette's Blog for all of the details and Link on up!
Hope to see you there!



Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

This Saturday we hit up the Pumpkin Patch! I was a little nervous that the weather was going to be a bit chilly, honestly we ended up getting a little warm with our light jackets on! It was a fun little family outing, Adam and I can't remember ever going to a real farm pumpkin patch before.. So we felt like little kids again! Ha! 

Enjoy some pictures! 

Miles of Pumpkins! And a "Giant sprinkler!" As my City girl self called it after I moved here from Austin, Texas! Ahaha!! ( I really had no idea what they were called.) 
My Guys, excited to find a pumpkin! Behind them is the tractor that pulled us to the patch on some hay! 
Joseph was loving all of the big pumpkins. 
Ha! That face! 

One of the piles of pumpkins by the entry. So pretty and so cool to see the different colors and designs! 

I wanted this pumpkin! How beautiful is it?! But I wouldn't be able to carve it! Ha-Ha

Adam and Joseph went down the hay slide. Joseph actually liked it! I was nervous that he wouldn't but he did alright! ( can't see it but he's smiling under his jacket lol) 
Twins! Haha sorry for the sunny face Joseph! Behind him is the coolest thing ever! It's like a bouncy house in the ground! My poor Husband wanted to go jump! I won't lie, I wanted to as well.. Buuuuttt, it's not for adults lol. 

This had to have been one of my favorite parts. We're big animal lovers.. And Joseph was just going nuts with the goats! They would come up and sniff him, Joseph would laugh and smile really big! 
Watching the baby goats, waiting to pet one. 
Family Corn maze time! This was pretty fun. However I won't lie, I started to have a little anxiety while in happens in closed in places lol. It was cool to see how corn grows though! I had no idea the roots come above ground! They look like little legs! 

We had so much fun! There was so much stuff to do, and we kept talking about next year when Joseph is a bit older and can do more and play on the play grounds or really appreciate picking out his own pumpkin! Thanks to Adams job, we got two pumpkins for free and lunch for free as well! We bought one pumpkin that we picked out which only ran at $.25 a lb! 
  We got back home as the sun was setting, then Spent a little time playing with our Puppy in the back yard playing with the grass and watching her run around like a wild dog. 

Pumpkin carving is planned for Tuesday night! ( don't worry, no knives for Joseph


Sunday, October 20, 2013

DrBrown's Bottles and Food Pods!

Joseph was just as excited as I was to open our box from DrBrown's! He even helped me rip off the tape! 

Inside we found 
    One 6 Oz and One 10oz

I honestly love this bottle! I was given our first one as part of a gift bag while in the hospital with Joseph. As a breastfeeding momma and formula feeding momma, this bottle has been wonderful since day one! 

 Pros- So gentle on little tummies! Reduces colic and helps air flow through the bottle for less spit ups! It's help made either the breast milk that I pumped or the formula we used sit easily in Joseph's tummy! The top of the bottle also screws in perfectly to my breast pump! Easy to clean, hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe! 

Cons- There are a lot of parts to this bottle, storage & cleaning may seem a little weird. You'll get the hang of it in no time! 

Left-10oz hard spout : Right-6oz soft spout

DrBrown's training Training cups
   If you are in search of a great training and sippy cup for your little one, these are the way to go people! I can't begin to tell you how many training we have tried and have failed. Joseph likes to throw them, crawl around with them, shake them and will try to share with you. Yep, they take a beating from my 9 month old.  Other training cups make me nervous when in my diaper bag, and I have watched a few fall from the high chair and crack! 
DrBrown's training and Sippy cups are so durable! They DO NOT LEAK! Even when Joseph is shaking his juice around. 
Pros- Besides being durable and Joseph proof (lol) these bottles keep my mind at ease when I have them in my diaper bag. The handles are removable as your kiddo learns to hold the bottle. The curves of the bottle are great for little hands to hold when you take the handles off. They have a unique design inside that keeps the liquid in unless the kiddo is drinking away. You can hear the bottle working! It's not a loud and annoying thing, I personally like it because I know the bottle is working! Easy to clean, hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe! 

Cons- There are a couple of parts to these bottles. And I honestly don't mind it, but make sure daddies know how these bottles work.. Haha! Also, make sure not to screw on the top too tight or your kiddo won't be able to get anything through. It only took one time for me to realize it was on too tight. 

 6oz bottle 

10oz Bottle 

 I am big on making my own baby food. It's seriously SO easy and so inexpensive! I started out putting my purrees in ice cube trays and then in freezer bags. Getting the baby food out of the ice cube trays wasn't always easy. 
I adore this system! And as a bonus, you get a wonderful recipe book to help you create some delicious purrees or simple meals for your kiddo!

Pros- So simple! The flexible shell makes it easy to get the frozen food out of the pod. If you don't freeze all of the pods and just put them in the fridge, the flexible pod makes it easy to hold while feeding!  The tray makes it easy to stack in the freezer. Easy to clean, hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe!  

Cons- I didn't get these earlier! Haha. 

I hope this helps!
 I highly recommend DrBrown's products for your little one! 

* This post is all of my own personal opinions and my own personal pictures. DrBrown's has not compensated me in any form other than complimentary products to review for this post. Thank You.* 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting chilly!

It's really starting to get cold here, and windy! Brr. 
It's only a matter of time before the snow starts falling again and I'll have to wrestle the car seat with Joseph's jackets. Meh. 
Weve got freeze and frost warnings already! Whoa buddy! 
Any moms have some good tips? 
The grocery store is so boring you know. Joseph got tired of waiting for me to pick out a good face wash.. All of a sudden my face decided to channel my teen age years again. Ugh. 
Anyways. Poor guy was nodding off so I stuck my jacket under his little head and he was content, until we got outside. (Sorry buddy, I tried to wrap you up.). Note to self.. Next time I'm shopping alone with him when it starts to snow.. Take the fleece blanket. 

I'm nervous as this is my first winter with a baby. My second time with some good snow.. And ill prob start crying more because that means Joseph will be 1 soon! Waaahhh!! 
 Seriously, any tips from the Mommas in the snowy areas are more than welcome! 

Joseph's molars are finally starting to cut through. We've gotten a glorious 2 nights of 8 hrs.. And last night well.. Not so much. I love that he's so snuggly and wants to be loved on while he's hurting, but I almost feel selfish for liking it because he's hurting. Poor guy. 

Last night he didn't want to be rocked to sleep and he was still awake when I got home from work (1045pm) my husband tried, I tried.. Nothing. So I sat him down on the floor and let him play it out. 
 He was tired, but oh so stubborn lol. 
So it begins! 
Shortly after this photo I got him to sleep.
And we hurried to catch some z's ourselves! 

Are you ready for the cooler weather?!
What are some of your favorite fall things to do or make?


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday's Good Vibes (Some things I'm Loving)

I've already shared a post today, But hey.. Who can pass up some good feelings with Katie? This girl is so stinkin' cute and so is her blog! If you want to Link up with us, Visit her blog and lets spread some good vibes on this Saturday! Some things I'm Loving.

  This Weather!-  Seriously, It's so nice and breezy today. We have the Windows open, the sun shining in and we spent some time playing in the back yard while Joseph discovered a brown crunchy leaf!

My Husband-  I mean, thats a given right? But today I managed to see a different kind of joy in his face while he was watching Joseph play in the grass and discover a new way of "Crawlking" (yes, I made it up..he did this crawl walk and we even spent on time in the spare room letting Joseph explore and bounce around on the bed *fully supervised of course!* I also am loving the hard work and  support he is giving us right now, even when I get cranky with him.  :-P

Cleaning Products-  Hi, Im Nicole and I have an addiction to Clorox and Lysol wipes. Ive been using them for Josephs high chair needs and counter tops for quick wipe ups. its so much easier than spraying everything! And well, since Im always trying to keep the house picked up and clean.. they are helpful!

Coffee- I had to get myself a big old cup of delicious coffee this morning, due to Joseph being up every 2 hours last night with his Molars cutting through. Poor guy, he gets so snuggly when he's not feeling well. Sooo theres a slight joy in the teething pain. ;) extra snuggles!

Last but not least.. (just keeping it short)

Face Time- I got to see and talk to both of my Sisters yesterday, who also got to watch Joseph in action(since were 13 hours away from each other!)! It's a great way for him to be able to see them as well and know their cute faces! His smiles are the best when he's on face time with them! We are so blessed to have the technology we have today!

What are some things you're loving today? Link up With Katie and share!

Easy Toy/Bookshelf

What can you do with a couple of milk crates? 
Well, Joseph's idea was to use them to walk around the kitchen! 

As for me, I thought to make a toy/ bookshelf of course! 

I was lucky enough to get four milk crates for free! I could have grabbed a few more but I figured for now, four was ok! 
You can always check with your local grocery store or if you have a dairy company near by and simply ask them if they have some extra ones! 

Most of the crates will come in different colors. I snagged 2 black and 2 red. (Yes, with the idea of "Husker Colors" for my Husbands liking.) 

We used to keep Joseph's toys in those plastic storage shelves , although he could see them.. He couldn't get them out very easy all the time! 

I simply cleaned off the crates really well with some soap, water and a scrubby pad. Then went over them with lysol wipes. Then made sure there weren't any sharp plastic pieces sticking out and stacked them in a square. 
We have a bunch of Zip ties around, so I used those for binding the crates together and made sure they were really tight!  
- when you cut the zip ties, make sure the edges aren't sharp from the cut and then tuck them away so no little hands get hurt
-Always make sure everything is sturdy so those little fingers can't get caught between crates! 

Once you've child proofed, add your fun toys and books! 

And BAM! Baby magnet! 

The handles were great to hang Joseph's toy rings on, he could go up and pull his duck and watch it shake around! 

I thought about throwing some fabric on the bottom if each shelf, but after testing that out, I out ruled it. If I had a girl, I would have probably added some sparkle of flowers to it! 
You can certainly spray paint yours to make them the color of your choice, or make them taller as your child gets older! 

If you don't want/need them for a kiddo, these would be great to customize and use in a home office, or for shoes in a closet! (Snow shoes/mud room storage for the Winter!)

What are some ideas you have?! 
Do you like to re-use things like Pallets and crates? 

Fun fact- I have a whole pin board on Pinterest just for Pallet ideas! Haha! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Toddler Nesting

Moving the kitchen table and making some more "baby proofing" fixes in our kitchen last night, clearly ment that I needed to disinfect everything. Yep. Everything, that included deep in the base board and the horrible wood panel wall. Hellooo 70's. Ugh Rental home probs. ;) I heard a chuckle as I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and using Lysol wipes on everything. (Which Btw: I LOVE Lysol wipes. Anyone else?) my husband was laughing at me. "It's like you're going through your nesting phase all over again." 
- I'm not pregnant, in case you were going to ask.- 
Honestly though, having a tiny new baby I let the house go. Now, I've got an almost walking 9 month old who wants to put anything and everything in his mouth.( yes, time flies as fast as they say it does.)  And it took one time of him crawling around on the kitchen floor, for me to see all the dirt on his knees and just shudder in disgust. 
 As he gets older, I probably won't be so concerned because well, I have a Boy.. Who will prob bring me mud pies full of worms in the future. But for now, I'm going to "Toddler Nest" and do my best of keeping the house clean. Trying to find the motivation on days where I have to go to work and clean as well, It can be a little frustrating especially when you feel like you're the only one making the effort to keep things picked up. Yes,sometimes I want to just say "forget it." And sit down and be a big ol lazy bum.. But the clutter free and clean house feel is such a wonderful feeling. 
But really, 
Is my child the only one who rips off the corner bumpers and chews on them?
:: not Joseph proof::

Mom friends, do you ever feel a guilt for staying home with your kiddo(s)? Were you nervous about the SAHM life change?  
What are some of your favorite baby safety items? 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Shindigs

Ps- that's my sweet "Eskimo" Hood , not my hair lol! 
Top-Joseph snoozing. 
Bottom- Our friend DJ and myself. And of course my husband and I. 

It's officially COLD! Sheesh. Today's high was about... 50 Degrees. Bbrrr!! 
A nice cold front came through last night just in time for the parade in town. 
And yes, we still went to watch and see how Joseph would handle it. 
--He slept-- 
I bundled him up nice and tight, and then bundled him up some more. 
There were many bands, fire trucks, people cheering and lots of laughter.. And Joseph, Slept. 
He was awake for maybe a while 15-20minutes though through the middle of everything.. And then zonked out again.
I guess since he didn't sleep well last night, he made up for it today. Sheesh.

( I just checked the weather.. Looks like we won't freeze just yet.) 

After freezing our Bums off we returned to the car and headed to Buffalo Wild wings, to watch the Huskers Game. 

Food coma/ hardly any sleep last night.. Bleh. 
My little chunk got lots of love from the staff! 
And then fell back asleep.. And slept through the cheering and all of the noise in BDubbs. I mean, is it because of the weather?!? (He's taking another nap now) 

I'm not ready to go to work tomorrow, I'm lucky because I only work 3 days a week, but it's seriously hard for me to leave especially when Joseph starts to fuss as I walk down our stairs.. And then him watching me from living room windows. 

Remember how I mentioned a few posts ago that Joseph cut 8 teeth.. Yeah, now he's cutting his molars.  Oh my my my. 
My mother told me to brace myself, yep.. That is right, we're bracing over here. Ahh! 

Pardon me, I may just be a tad bit sleep deprived. 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Blog Hop!

Hey Mom friends! Have you taken the time to add your blog to the October Blog Hop? Check it out!

a mom blog community!