Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stay at Home Dad

I mentioned in my last post that my husband has a week off of work. The manufacture that he works for took a nice long week off. Just so happens that in that same week, the state fair has come to town! Sadly, we did not go. 

I decided that I would work a full 40 hour again..
So, we switched rolls for this last week and my husband became a stay at home dad. 

Well, the stay at home dad gig is almost up.. and it seems that Adam has really gotten the hang of what Joseph's fussing or crying really means.. Not that he didn't before.. But I think he really feels more confident in his assumptions. 
This week has also really helped Joseph calm down on the Mommas boy role. Yup. He will crawl to me or make his way while holding on to the couch to be right at my side. Since I've been working more this week, he is fine with loving on either one of us. And I'm sure there is still plenty more time for Joseph to have his days of only liking Dad or only liking me.. One of us has to be the bad cop here, right? 

Monday was a big house cleaning day for us. Joseph helped my making sure his toys ended up back on the living room floor.. Or random Cheerios through the house. 
Adam broke out the vacuum and Joseph needed to follow him around.. You know, making sure Adam didn't miss a spot. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day! For those of us working, enjoy your time and a half! ;) 


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