Friday, September 6, 2013

Southwest chicken- potato Soup

I have this theory, 
soup is good ALL year round.
Yes, I am from Texas..where our summers are the type that melt your face off, and you can bake cookies on your car dash! Lol

Ok, seriously though.. Soup IS good for your soul, Especially when it's home made and simmering all day long in the crock pot, causing your whole house to smell like a spicy heaven!

I posted a picture of my simmering crock pot on my Instagram and had many people ask me for the recipe!
Well folks, here ya go!
(Bare with me, I'm the type of person who find a recipe and tweaks it..soo this is from my tweaking lol) 


Please excuse my hideous rental home counter top ;)

You will need

- 1 can of no salt added Tomato sauce 8oz
-1 Can of enchilada sauce (mild)
- 1 cup cheese of your choice ( I used Monterey Jack- but I'm also obsessed with Colby Jack)
- 2 chicken breasts (no need to pre cook)
- 1Jalapeño     ( or more depending in size and how spicy you want to get)
- 6 small red potatoes washed and diced

As for the spices

-  Onion ( powder or use a small diced onion ) 
- Garlic Powder
- Chili Pepper
-Seasoned salt
- Minced Garlic
- Dry Chives

In your crockpot, 
Add your can of tomato sauce and your can of enchilada sauce.
Fill each can with water and add the water into your crockpot 
Turn your crockpot on low
I add about two extra cups of water after that depending on how thick I want the soup. You can up to 4cups and be ok!
Add your spices too! I'd say I did about 1tbs to start off of each.
( seriously y'all, I'm an eye ball kind of girl..and a taste as ya go lol.) 
And I may have added a bit more of garlic and onion ;) 

Cut up your chicken breast and your red potatoes into cubes.
Throw them into the crockpot and stir.
Dice up a jalapeño either big or small pieces and add to crockpot
( wash your hands after doing this and don't touch your nose...or lips..or eyes) 
Add one cup of cheese and stir yet again! 

Cover with your lid and let the magic of the crockpot do its thing! 
Aka- leave on low for 5-7 hours 
Stirring once an hour if you can. 

Once you are drooling over the delicious smell and the soup is ready, serve in bowls with sliced up avocados,tortilla chips, a slice of lime to garnish and a pinch of cheese on top! 

I have a very picky husband! -sigh- I would have also added some fresh corn (or canned Mexican corn) 
And maybe even some beans! Yum! 
:: My husband suggested adding one of the Creamy Ranch packets to the mix instead of your season salt! 

Try it out, add your own mixtures to it and let me know what you think! 

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