Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 I have been kept on my feet and my heart racing these last few days. 
My 8 month old of son has learned how to climb into things.. And out of things. 
Yes, this also means he's trying the couch.. And ALL of his toys/ play areas. 
Oh. My. Goodness! 

No worries.. I make sure he isn't going to hurt himself. 

We're not walking yet. However, I'm pretty sure it will be soon. 

It's currently 1am.. I should be sleeping. I am clearly not. 
My mind is racing and I'm full of so much joy and yet so much sadness at the same time. 

I'm connecting with other whole hearted bloggers. So many kind and loving woman! It's such a wonderful feeling to finally get out there. 
Social media is a beautiful thing, yes? 

Welcome to my new readers! I look forward to learning about you! Please leave a comment with your blog if you would like! 
Also, please feel free to Follow my blog and share with your friends..  
A daily dose of J makes for a healthy Smile! 

Can anyone help me with making this blog a little more on the "fancy" side? 

I've also started a daily devotional with 
God is so so good, y'all! 
I have been craving some praise here recently, and I have been missing church. 
I was really bummed when we left Texas.. My friend Jewelia and I had just found a church that we really enjoyed.
I know I will find something here, probably just intime for us to pack up and move yet again. Ha! 

Beautiful, beautiful! A reminder that we as men and woman are all equal, and shod treat each other with equality and respect. Let him protect you and let the both of you share your love! 

MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro. 
What do you think is a better choice? 




  1. So cute! I remember that starting-to-climb-over-anything phase. I was so afraid that my daughter was going to fall! I especially love the picture on the bottom left. Whoops! Lol :)

    1. Thank you! My husband likes at picture as well ;) his little face plant action ll.. It's not as bad as it seems :-P