Monday, September 30, 2013

A letter to Joseph

It's been 9 months kiddo, can you believe it? I still feel like yesterday I was waking your Dad up at 5 am to tell him it was time to go to the hospital. 
  I love waking up every morning, knowing that you've got something new to discover, it may be a toy you've forgot about, something new you can scream out, an object to climb or even a new wiggle. It's wonderful to see you change and grow. 
  You are already stubborn and so independent. Nine months in and I'm still not always getting full nights of sleep, but you're worth it. 
   We've had our disagreements already with you wanting to remain naked, and me trying to put a diaper on you. Even when I'm trying to spoon feed you and you just want to feed yourself, squishing everything in those tiny hands of yours. 
  I thought I would cry the day that you started crawling, but my pride just wouldn't let me. Now, you've moved on to scaling the walls, pulling up and standing everywhere you can and even getting brave enough to let go for a good half a minute before plopping to a sit. 
  I don't know what it is with your fascination for doors,drawers and pulling every single movie and book off of your shelves, but I can just see those little wheels turning as you discover how everything works.
  You have made my heart stop more than once just within these past few months, with your urge to climb everything forwards and backwards and your refusal to sit down during bath time. Seriously child, you're stubborn. 
I know your Dad is going to have his hands full, keeping up with you and I! 
   I can only hope for you that you live your life to its full extent, that you explore all of your options and you never give up on your dreams. You are such a bright and happy baby boy. And even though I know years from now I'll be wondering what happened to that sweet baby as you sass me and say "you're the worst parents ever." Kiddo, you're just letting us know we're doing alright. 
 Your Dad and I promise to love you and encourage you through your life, and give you all of the support and laughter to fill your heart, while making sure you Know how to be silly. 
  We love you Joseph, and we look forward to many more adventures in the future. 

    Mom and Dad 

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