Thursday, August 29, 2013

J decided this mornings oatmeal needed to be worn.. And this is the cheesy face he gave me as he stole an apple slice from my plate. 

My husband has been off of work this week for a Plant shut down. I have picked up more hours at work and yes, it's rough.. I seriously miss my guys when I'm at work. 

This week off for my husband has been nice, he doesn't get a lot of one on one time with J.. So they have had lots of catching up. And this way, he can kinda see what I do and go through during the day. (Not saying he isn't a hard worker or that I'm better..) 

This morning J has figured out that he can take his clothes off as I'm putting them on him.. ANOTHER battle we will have during diaper changes. 

My husband has started his bowling leagues again. I'm not sure how often we will be at the Alley with him.. But it's always nice to get around different groups of people. The guys he bowls with are pretty funny, and they all just Love J! 
We played a bit and shared some Cheerios.. And to my surprise with all the noise and yelling.. J straight up fell asleep mid Cheerio.. And he slept.. And he slept.. For over an hour! 
I figure maybe he almost finds it soothing because when I was pregnant wth him I was always at the alley with Adam. Hmm 

::Excuse the messy play area/Living room.:: 
I finally found a baby gate system that will work for us! 
We currently rent a split level home. Stairs to the front door.. Stairs to the basement.. 
It makes for carrying groceries in seem like a work out! 
This is a 9 piece Play yard that also mounts to the wall and is able to split into two pieces or move.. 
I figured it would have been either just right or a little short.. NOPE! This thing is HUGE! And we have made it work. 
My poor Pup, she has figured out how to escape from under the couch. She can squeeze through the smallest spaces! 
J is loving it though, he now has more room to stretch out and he uses the sides to help him walk! 
Yes, we're getting close to walking! 

We're still not sleeping more than 3-4 hrs at a time at night.. J has so many teeth pushing through at once! Poor little man. 

Tonight starts the first of many nights that I have lost my husband... To Football. 
Maybe ill just whip out my sewing machine and listen to him yell at the TV! 

Off to prep dinner. 


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