Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Months

7 Months old!

Boy has it been a whirlwind just since last month! 
J is one wild child! 
Since my last update, we have taken a road trip to IL for a family reunion, where J got more than enough attention and love from Family! 
J and I ventured out for a TWO hour drive to the airport. yeaahh.. 
We picked up my Mom and Sister and loaded up the car for our 8 hr drive! 
It was wonderful having those two drive with me and spoil J! Made the trip a lot faster and less stressful on me for sure. 

 My Grandma made this cute hat, with intentions of it to be a little bigger than it was.. Oops! We all got a chuckle out of J wearing it though! 

July 5th- (6 months old)The day J started crawling. I'm talking little wobbly and kinda scooting crawling. 
By the end of July he had his crawl Down. And was he on the move! 

By the time August 5th came around, J decided to pull up on EVERYTHING! 
And a few times would give me a slight heart attack! 

Yes, he is standing on top of his piano and is very pleased with himself! 

Food- we've moved on to more finger foods and things that J can chew/Gum. 
Little cubes of cheese and Gerber easy pick up foods. 
I am still making a lot of his food for him, now we just have a little more variety. 

7 month stats- 20lbs! Whoa!  6 teeth have surfaced 3 on bottom and 3 on top.  However it looks like there may be more coming through. He is still a month ahead of schedule and of course loves the nurses at the Dr Office. After his Shots they gave him a big red shiny sticker. It helped his tears a bit.. But he wouldn't let go of me. 

We have retired J's baby bath and moved to the tub. It was a bitter sweet moment for us. J loves to stand in the tub though. Seriously, I think I'm going to have a runner on my hands. 
We're pretty sure he's going to be walking soon.. He has started to stand a bit on his own and all he wants to do is pull right up. 
We have had many spills and a few tears from them, but he realizes he's ok and starts playing again. 

 Our Hotel stay before my Mom and Sis went back to Tx. We took J for his first Big Pool experience. (Indoor pool) it was a little chilly so we sat in the hot tub and let him splash.. J loved watching the older boys jump in the pool and horse play. 

His eyes are still BLUE!  We're really hoping they stay, however I'm sure they will change to brown. 

I have found that when the batteries in Js toys get low.. The toys will start randomly playing their tunes.. Or moving. This is the CREEPIEST thing ever! Especially when J is down for a nap and I'm in the other room.. And hear "let's go for a drive! Push me!" 
I would turn it off.. But J decided to throw it and broke the handle.. I suppose ill break out the screw driver and change the batteries hahah! 

Sleep- we have been trying to keep J on a routine. With these teeth ALL coming through at once it's been rough nights. My husband and I decided on a routine and it's been helping with sleep. 
-Bath time for 10-15 mins in a warm bath with night time soap. 
-PJs and night time diaper and lotion. 
-Bottle mixed with some Baby cereal. 
And if he's not already asleep by the time he finishes his bottle we play a little till he starts rubbing his eyes and then rock him to sleep in his nursery. 
 I like to keep pandora on low with the Nursery station on. It's so soothing sometimes I almost fall asleep while rocking him! Ha! 
This routine has started to work. And J has been sleeping almost through the night! I always forget to think about his Teeth and maybe that's why he wasn't sleeping.. When I saw during his bath how many had come through, I felt kinda bad. Poor guy had so many at one time! 

I am trying to wean J off of BFing. I wanted to make it to a year, but these teeth are not helping things. Almost 8 months is good for me though. And trust me, this boy is HEALTHY! 

Alright, nap time for my little man. 

Later Y'all! 


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