Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Part-Time Housewife

Its a Proven FACT that a sink full of dirty dishes can make one feel dirty and down.

How do I know this? Because I have tried it on myself..many times.

It's amazing how much better I feel when the kitchen alone is clean, and how AMAZING I feel when the house is clean.

Maybe it's just something with my Anxiety? Clutter and random stuff all around the house.. makes me feel like i'm closed in a glass cage of emotions. Ok, So maybe not that dramatic.

Don't you dare sit there and think "Oh, wow she must be super clean and organized!"
Yeah, you are 75.5% wrong.

I will not lie, This house can be a pit. With a 5-month old needing any and all of my attention sometimes I put the cleaning on the back burner. When we first moved in, I told myself that I was going to keep up with cleaning, keep everything organized and it was going to be so nice and stress free... I Lied to myself. Dirty DIRTY Liar I was. No Pun intended. Now don't go thinking we are living in filth and I should be on Hoarders, because uh... NO.

I HATE LAUNDRY, Seriously.. I will do any other cleaning.
My Husband goes through about 2 outfits a day.. You would think that after dealing with his Army laundry I would be used to it..No. There is ALWAYS laundry in this house.
Depending on how J is, He will go through a few outfits a day as well..and Bibs.. and Blankets... and Toys. Haha.
And well, I am just as guilty. I stay at home with J and then work at night.. Yep, thats about 2 outfits for me as well.

Once J starts crawling, By the looks of will be soon! We need to keep this house a bit more tidy. And by WE I mean WE, Myself and my husband! When J is old enough to clean up his own toys and pull them out again.. we will hit that nail on the head. The wife isn't the only one who makes a mess in the house, therefor the Wife shouldn't be the only one cleaning..and I am not the only one. I adore it when I come home from work and the dishes are done or the living room has been picked up.

The moral of making our house sound like a disaster hole, I have come up with a helpful House cleaning schedule. Now, Please keep in mind that I don't always follow it to a "T" and If I cant get to it one day I don't beat myself up. Our Child is growing and learning every day..And as I've seen before "Please excuse the mess, We're making memories." You really can't understand that until you have a child.

Feel Free to Print these out and keep on your Fridge, Share with Friends or Pin. If you do, Please give my Blog the credit. Why? Because thats the Nice and respectful thing to do.   

Yes, I used the Note Pad on my Ipad, I am just THAT cool. 


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