Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dealing with Post- Weight.

        *NEWS FLASH!*

 Pregnancy is NOTHING 
like Hollywood makes it seem

You don't say?!?

Seriously, and you know what, YES I am jealous of those "Skinny-as-soon-as-I-Have-My-Baby" Moms.
Seriously? How the HECK did you get so lucky?

I wont lie, I've always had weight issues. Always. Back in Middle/High School I was told so many times by many different people how Fat I was. Truth.  Poor me, blah blah.

Looking back on those pictures, I think I looked fine. But my Over dramatic - Hormonal Teenage self didn't think so.

 Anyways, Long story short. Nothing has changed.

When Adam and I got pregnant, Weight was the first thing I thought of. That's really sad.
Pregnancy is a time to be excited and just listen to your body.

When I was just 15 weeks along with a cute little baby bump (at the time I thought it looked like a beer belly) I was told I need to get myself on a diet. NO.

DO NOT EVER tell a pregnant woman  "wow, you're huge! Are you sure its not twins." 2 days before she has her baby.. Or really during any time.

                                               Right before Labor        4 Months Post.

By that time, I was swollen like no other. I had JUST started my time off from work and yes I spent 8-9.5 Hrs ON my feet running around like a mad woman.

After I had J, I started BF'ing and yes it felt like my weight was just melting off. Cool right?  I didn't diet soon after I had J because I have read in so many parenting books/blogs that it is not good! you should be taking in 500 more calories than normal, just like when you were Pregnant. 
When I went to my 6 week check up at my Doctor, she confirmed that I had in fact lost 25lbs. More than what I had put on during my pregnancy.. However, I still felt like I was LARGE and In Charge.

When I returned to work, I had multiple people ask me
"when are you going to have that baby already?"
"Don't worry, its a good thing those are your fat girl pants."
-Really? Thanks.

I beat myself up way too much. I am always thinking about what my family/people will say or think about me If I am not at a certain weight.
-Yes, I am still BF'ing and going strong. However, I don't feel like the weight is just "falling" off.
-I am trying to eat better not just for myself but for J's benefits.
-I am using my Jogging stroller and walking about 3 miles a few times a week.

I AM TRYING. That's what matters right?
Some people, just don't loose the weight as fast as others. so BE nice to new moms.

Many people have told me
"Look..It took you 9 months to create a HUMAN. Give yourself 9 months to loose the weight..or shoot, even a year!' This, is smart. I'm trying to not beat myself up too much and give myself a healthy time to drop some lbs.
The first Post Pregnancy body is never easy.
I'm full of Stretch marks and a new form of "pooch" on my stomach.

Every woman is different.

I do enjoy the fact that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy Jeans, and while waiting for J's doctor yesterday I weighed myself.. I am less that what I thought I was.

Moral of this Sassy post-  Be nice.  Mom's don't need to be judging other Mothers. Its a hard change both Mentally and physically.

Thanks for letting me get Sassy.
Later Y'all

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