Friday, May 31, 2013

5 months too Old.

Good Morning!

I seriously Cannot believe our little guy is 5 months old Today!
(If you follow me on Facebook, I said that last week..yeah I'm loosing my mind over here Y'all!)

What have we been up too since my last update 4 weeks ago? (I fail I know)
  • J cut his first tooth! It's just above surface and so tiny and white! Since this is going on, He has been a Drool monster! Grabbing everything in sight and of course it all goes right to the mouth! 
  • We've had a few nights of 7-8 hours of FULL sleep (until the tooth thing..) 
  • MMM Green Beans, Peas, Oatmeal and sweet Potatoes! He loves them ALL! I was really nervous because his dad is so so picky! 
  • Mickey Mouse, Word World, Bubble Guppies  and Bob The Builder. He LOVES them! Thank goodness for Hulu on my Ipad/Phone! Mickey Mouse ClubHouse is the newest Love, J will sit there and talk to the screen and laugh! 
  • Bath Time- He has always loved bath time, But now he can some what sit up and kicks all the water and bubbles! The last bath time we had, I ended up SOAKED.. So worth it! 
  • Noises- He has figured out how to stick his tongue out, go "Brrrrrr" with his lips, Cooing, Laughing like a crazy man and all other kinds of yells/squeals .

As of this week
       J is sitting by himself for a minute at a time..and then he decides he wants a toy and does this fall/roll thing. Poor Kid, He got his first battle wound when he hit his head on a toy while rolling around like a wild child.
  We are working on Crawling, He has the movements down, just need to get coordinated! Once he starts, I'm pretty sure he wont stop!
  Mommas boy for SURE!
 I have returned back to work. My husband works days and I am able to work at nights. When I leave for work or J see's me walk into another room out of his sight he will start to fuss! It really breaks my heart, But I'm pretty sure working a few days a week is keeping me sane.

 Mothers Day 
  My  Husband got J and myself a fancy jogging stroller! We have gone out a few times with the weather cooperating.. and it has finally started getting nice out. This past week we have had a bunch of rain, a few tornados and some muggy-ness going on. My Pup likes to join our walks, But after a mile her little legs get tired..and she soon figured out she could hop in the bottom part of the stroller and enjoy he view.

Well, I'd better get to cleaning some house, and enjoying some play time with J.
(He has been gnawing at my finer while I type one handed. Talent?)

Later Y'all!
- Nicole

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