Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The beginning, of a very big adventure!

  Well, Hello there! Did you miss me?

I have taken a bit of a break from work and my blog as well, Why? Because I FINALLY popped!

Yep, 5 am December 31st (my Husbands Birthday) I woke him up.
He had taken sleeping pills that night and we didn't get to sleep until around 1 am!
you can only imagine how sleepy he was!
I called my Mom bright and early and of course we called the Hospital.
Adam made sure to get the snow off the car and load anything we needed, while I changed my clothes and talked to my mom a bit on the phone. Why wasn't I freaking out like they did in movies?
Honestly, My water broke..slowly. And the Hospital was a little over 30 miles away. I wasn't in any pain, so I figured I was ok.
I will admit that that was the LONGEST drive to town I have ever been on! HA!

We got to the hospital and set up in our fancy Hospital room (no joke, this Hospital is NICE!) 
Adam was able to take a nap while we waited, and waited..  
contractions and stronger ones coming along.. WHOA buddy, I tried to make it through.. 
I ended up getting the epidural and before we knew it, It was time to start pushing.
I wont lie, I had eaten at 11pm the night before and it was only some Ice Cream (crazy dairy cravings!)
I was SO hungry, which was causing me to get light headed and weak. But I pulled through with the help and support of my wonderful Husband, and after a few times of getting sick and being put on oxygen We finally met our Baby Boy! 
I heard that cry of his and started crying myself, my Husband had started crying too!

1640(4:40pm) our Son was Finally here! Yep, a Short 12 Hours of Labor! 
He was alert, and wide eyed! 

When we finally received the weight and length I was surprised! Its no secret that I had a BIG pregnant belly! Joseph was just over 6lbs and 20 inches long! Skinny little legs and a skinny little body. 

-3 Months Later-

 We are learning new things every day, figuring out what cries mean and laughing when we get pee'd on. Juggling our work schedules so we don't need to find a baby sitter or daycare (he is too little for day care) Mother Hood is a completely different life and even if you think you are ready, you never really are! We have been so blessed that Joseph is growing strong and is very Healthy! I suppose that means were doing alright as parents.

My favorite part is when Joseph wakes up in the mornings, even on the nights he doesn't sleep too well. As soon as I Look at him with my groggy eyes and say "Kiddo, we need more sleep!" he lets our a BIG smile and a ton of wiggles. I have never felt so full in my heart. 

Josephs 3 month Doctors visit was wonderful, He flirts with the nurse now! Laughed for the doctor, Showed him how he rolls over and even was ALMOST sitting up! Our Doctor was very impressed with how he is growing and developing ( he's about a month ahead of his age)! Next month, our little man starts on Baby foods! WHAT!?! oh gosh.
And Moms, let me tell you. Watching your little one getting shots.. Everyone told me that It was hard on the Mother, I thought "yeah right"  Oh no, I almost cried just watching his face in pain! But he pulled through and got some much needed rest!

I have a whole new look on life now, It's not just about myself and my Husband. We are thinking and acting for our little guy.  We moved into a House right out of the Hospital.we've lost sleep, and for a while there I was forgetting to eat and take care of myself!
My advice to any new mother, Don't push yourself for the first 3 months. You just created LIFE! Don't make yourself feel guilty for having a messy house, focus on just ONE goal every day.. Even if that goal is to just enjoy a hot shower while your Little one sleeps.

Even Super Woman needs a day of rest!

You're Welcome.


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