Friday, December 21, 2012

You haven't Popped yet?!

Yes, It's true.. I'm still pregnant. WHAT?

How hot are my Husbands Basket Ball shorts and Oasis shirt?? Yes, they are BOTH his.. I was feeling lazy ;)

I'm STILL large and Chit-yeah I'm STILL in charge.. except when it comes to saying NO to my sweet Husbands face as he asks me tonight "can I go fill in for Bowling? Please Babe?"  
 I mean, He did enjoy a Grocery trip with me as I waddled my way around the store.. stopping in every Isle, and he put blinders up as I drooled over the Ice Cream.

Yep.. Now I don't normally keep Ice Cream in the house, simply because I will eat it. Hmph. But LET.ME.TELL.YOU, I have wanted Ice cream and Chocolate Milk like a mad woman.. Im assuming, I just need the calcium.
How ever, this morning I woke up with Pancake cravings.. so I made pancakes, and well..gave myself the burned ones since I got sick while making them. (thanks SON)

and right now, Im having a hard time deciding weather I want Cereal or Yogurt for desert..

On a more important note-
 Two days ago We got hit with a Blizzard.
yes, a BLIZZARD and Im not talking about the delicious-ness that Dairy Queen serves up.
 I am just mesmerized by the wind and the ice and the snow.. and all of a sudden it's like were living in a completely different place.
I was at work this whole time, watching my car get half way buried and the crazy people trying to drive through the parking lot.. one kid almost drove into the building.. Seriously? STAY HOME.

I could not believe how much SNOW had fallen when I looked out the window and was instantly blinded the next morning!

 My husband had Victory after digging the poor mail man out of the snow.
He also made sure I was able to bring my car into the drive way, yep..he scooped up all that snow as well!  I was lucky enough to have a regular help me dig my tires out from the snowy-ness at work.. Watching a pregnant girl try to walk in the Ice and snow.. yeeaahhh..  Did I mention that my Car still says TEXAS (people judge me lol) and Im seriously about to pop!
Such wonderful people there are though in this world, Im so glad Kindness is still acted upon!

I can keep talking about weather.. and food..and being large and in pain, but I think I would rather have some Cereal and go to bed. Sorry...  Im not sorry.

However, I am going to leave you with a big ol WOO HOO to my Oldest Sister completing her FIRST full marathon. Yes, MARATHON (she's crazy) and My Mother completed her 6th *thats right? or 5th?* (either or, she's Crazy too!) BIG Pat on the back to those wild Ladies!
*photo Credit to my SISTER- Clearly I was not in Texas*

Good Night Y'all. Enjoy your weekend of Last minute Holiday shopping! ;) 


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