Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have a feeling this is going to be a long Blog, You've been warned.

Sorry, Im Not Sorry.

I keep thinking about you, yep.. YOU My reader..my little *insert your eye color here* Eyed Hottie!
Ok, So I've been thinking more about my Blog, I was trying to keep my updates to every Wednesday Buuuttt as I have said before, I have a LIFE away from my computer.

Pardon the mess, I was organizing all of my sons items!

I am now a very large and in change(mostly just Sassy) 35 *36 weeks tomorrow* Pregnant Woman! And yes, my Child is OBSESSED with my rib cage. Why? No idea.. I mean, I would assume that a cage full of bones wasn't the most snuggly place to rest..but HEY lets make it our resting spot..and lets not forget to shove a foot in there too just to remind Mom that we're still here.. Thanks Son.

It's now December, even though to my Texas Readers it feels more like April/May time. Sorry Y'all! ;)

Here in Nuh-Bra-Skuh we have had a few days of me getting up early and defrosting my car, a couple of snowy times and well, just a cold windy day..
Now, I come from Austin Texas. where as I just said.. they are in the 80's right now. So I look out the window and think "meh, no need for a jacket it looks like a nice day." *steps outside* "WHOA Buddy! its like 30 out here!"  yes,  I have done that multiple times.. Opps. My Husband finds it Hilarious.

Im gonna take a step back to November.
 I want to kinda get serious here, yes..scary I know.

I have been teaching myself so much, and it could be just the fact that Im becoming a mother..
Or it could be the fact that My Husband and I have been tested in SO many ways since moving up here.
I need to just talk about how THANKFUL I am.. I may Complain and call my mom almost every day with frustration.. but I try to find the beauty in all of these "Tests."

Laid Off
My Husband got word that He's being Laid off from his Roofing Job.
- Ok, Breathe. Yes were having a baby in a MONTH and in the process of buying our own home.. OH MY GOSH! *breathe Nicole* I wont lie, I sat in my car the day Adam told me this new and I cried..Oh Lord did I cry.
~ Im thankful that he HAD the job, we knew it could be just seasonal and YES he can file for unemployment, Im also Thankful he had such a loving Boss..They told him he is welcome back to the company after the Winter.

Home Loan DENIED
- You don't understand, we have been through SO much to get everything perfect.. our savings, Any and ALL bills paid off..Waiting and WAITING and WAITING for the Bank. And well, ONE item is sitting on our Credit that we have PROOF that is paid off.. yet no one knows why its still on the Report and how to get it off.. So We talked with the Credit Systems in Iowa.. They said they have no record of it.. Then WHY hasn't it dropped?  (this probably makes it seem like we have tons of bills or horrible credit.(we have neither).But let me say, going from Military to Civilian Life is well, interesting..)
~ Im Thankful, this is giving us more time to get even more in Savings.. and Well the Market is better after the Holidays AND we were told that there will be another First time Home Buyers shin dig deal again. So maybe theres a reason to this madness? All I know is that after ALL of this stress and hard work..we are going to REALLY appreciate our HOME.

Adam and I have a roof over our heads right now, it may not be a roof that we Own..But we are THANKFUL for a place to call home, We have a warm bed and a place to take a Hot shower. Our 3 dogs have a yard to play in, food to eat, Gas in our cars and Love in our hearts.

Adam also got a Call from a very well known company here in Town, He interviewed and Got a call back for a Second interview which Landed him the Job, It put him out of work for a week..But a Week is a week..not a Year. We both have JOBS, and while I get asked many times a month "how are you so far along and working so much on your feet?" Im thankful for my Job and my paychecks, which many people in American are without.

 Im THANKFUL for PAID maternity leave, thats 12 weeks long and I still get my Benefits as well. I have Full insurance coverage which comes out of my pay check.. but at $30.00 a Doctors visit, Ill take it. (I have seen how much each visit costs without insurance)

Adam and I have been through Hell and Back since we moved to Nebraska, there have been many days that I call him crying begging him to move back to Texas, asking WHY are we being Tested and why can't things just be ok. I can't even begin to tell you how stressful this pregnancy has been, and I just pray that when Adam and I have our next child in the future, I have a less stressful 9 months.
However, My Son continues to grow, he's healthy and Im THANKFUL for my husbands constant support and him putting up with my Sass and big Texas attitude.

Im exhausted just thinking about everything we've been through just within these last few months.
But out of every irritating or frustrating or bad situation that we land in, I simply remember..that someone out there is having a worse time.
Like I said, We have a roof over our heads, our Bills are paid, and most of all, we Wake up every morning.

No matter the situation, Just find it in yourself to be Thankful.

Good Night Y'all