Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Ol Muscles!

As Im driving home last night, I started to talk to Joseph.. I look at my drives home from work as my quiet time with my son, while he cannot talk back or cry in my back seat. You know, Just to make some things clear to him, about how much we love him and just because he may grow to hate us some day, We will still love him and know that One day he is going to be GREAT! :)

and then I got all emotional.

I have gone through many MANY mood swings with this pregnancy, and as we come close to just 2 months left with this Pregnancy, I've started to get into freak out mode.

Will we have what we need for Joseph? Bottles, a bath, toys, cold weather gear.. a big plastic bubble to keep him from harm!? 
What do we still need, like NEED NEED for Joseph.. A Baby Mattress, Diapers and Wipes! 
SO much more.
I cant even tell you how I want to just run out to the store every day and start stocking up. Bibs, pacifiers, teething toys, socks, mittens.. "IM FREAKIN OUT MAAANN"

*Calm time*
Our baby shower is This saturday, I can do this.. I can wait.
Do y'all realize I AM A PLANNER. 
And Im seriously terrified I will not be able to be the best mother I can be for my son!
Is this normal for a first time mom? or really, a second or third time mom?

I mean, Were in the Process of Buying a house.. Im due Jan 2nd, I have Holiday madness  at work coming up (Lord save my feet PLEASE) And Im just trying to REMAIN CALM.

Im pretty sure I have looked at every single list there is about what you will and will not really need when your baby is born. And hospital packing lists. AH!

On another note, We got our car seat installed today. and Im trying to get a time for Adam and I to go tour the Birthing center at the Hospital. ( already registered, so THATS a check off my list)
Where is Mrs, Erin Spring to keep my head on straight when I need her??!! Oh, IN TEXAS!  
(love you pook)

So as I sit here, and collect my ever wondering brain and start to think about spaghetti O's and an apple.. I remember, Rome was not Built in a day. Were going to have this kiddo for 18 years. If we don't have something we need for him RIGHT this minute..there are a few 24-7 shops in town we can run too..
I need to learn to just Trust in timing and know that We will never have full control of any situation. 
Our son is our son, He will learn from Myself and his father and I swear to him I will love him and kiss his face (but not in front of his friends) and Adam and I will both teach him respect as well as the beauty of working hard for what you want in life.
He is already such a strong little man (trust me..I feel those kick and head butts) I know he is going to be someone great one day! 

Once again, I need to Thank my main Support.. My Husband, He keeps my head on straight when I get into my little panic modes and reminds me that Im crazy *JK*  And he also tells me to WAIT until the baby shower before I go buying stuff, WELLLLL.. let me just share some cute and much needed finds I got at Wal-Mart. 

My family LOVES their Dogs, Adam and I LOVE our dogs.. the NewBorn shoes with the Pup..that was necessary 

Joseph showed off his muscles during our first sonogram.. 
The onesie was too cute (and on sale) to pass up! How perfect is THAT? And, If any of you know my Mother and my Sisters (Tri-athletes and Marathon Lovers, Camp Gladiator crazies) .. well they have some sweet Muscles! It does run in the family! 

ps- If you are hungry.. check out my sisters Blog over HERE

Im going to go have some dinner, Joseph is moving like a crazy kid cause he's hungry too! 

Thanks for letting me rant.

Sorry, Im Not Sorry- Awkward

Night Y'all