Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"We've got this!"

I have a few baskets of clean laundry spread on my bed, that I should be folding.. Well I've done about half. Lol I hate laundry.
However, I'm on here, why? Because I've been thinking a lot about my blog. My lack of readers and really how I'm simply reminding myself of my old Live Journal days. But ya know what. Who tha flip cares?! Who says I have to be a certain type of blogger eh?!
I won't blog about religion, or politics.. Or sports teams.. Because simply I just feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I don't care to share mine.

I like to blog to get things off my chest. Show off a little of my silly side and well escape for a whole second.

I've been under a whole lot of stress recently, stress that should not be affecting me but it has been. Honestly, I'm tired of talking about it and thinking about it.. So I'm going to just tease y'all with this paragraph.

I CAN tell you, that I'm starting to freak out about my son coming. Buying a house, trying to not stress about having zero control over situations and then getting my leave ready and the temperatures are dropping and I'm writing a run on sentence ( see, freaking out)lol
My sweet husband who is used to my mini stress sessions and freak out days, is a saint at reminding me.. "Nicole, we've got this.. We always find a way through and everything always works out. Relax."
Relax? Yeah ok. This is our first child. I want to give him the world and I already feel like I'm failing. I'm ready to have a HOME and not just live in a house. And I'm worried I won't have everything that ill need for when he arrives.
We have 12 more weeks until he gets here, I swear I was just breaking the news to my husband that I'm pregnant!

Maybe I'm just worked up because I'm experiencing some crazy weather. For ONCE in my life, I experienced what FALL is, well.. Was. It's now getting down to 28degrees here and some parts of the state has already had snow! Snow?! It's October! It doesn't get cold until Halloween or later.. I mean.. Christmas last year was in the 70's.. But wait. I live in Nebraska now.
What. Was. I. Thinking.

I've had two recent incidents where I was in military mindset . "My husband is in the field, I'm taking him coffee."
Me-"oh, is he reserves or national guard?"
Her-confused"we're farmers..corn field."

You know how lame I felt!? Lol

Anyways. I'm gonna tackle this laundry.
Thanks for letting me vent! :)

Sorry, I'm not sorry! - awkward

Night y'all
& Joseph too who is kicking my stomach making my iPad bounce haha

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