Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Ok, kids.. Tonight were going to talk about emotions. Being emotional.. Some may call it being Emo. However before you find your best black outfit and color your eyes in all gothy style.. Just read.

Now, if you are a large and very much in charge pregnant Nicole.. You may notice these emotional changes while your husband asks you if you want to try a new type of chip!
Adam and I were getting groceries., he asked about a new type of chip.. As I looked deeply into the bag of deliciousness I started to cry. Did we just have an emotional connection potato chip bag? Is this serious? Are we just friends?!
At this time, I was only a few weeks pregnant..

This is my emotional roller coaster

The night before I decided to take a tinkle on the magic stick of pregnant or not.. I had a super break down. I cried like someone close had just passed away. My husband was driving us home after an evening of fun at his sisters house and I simply just blamed the fact that I was home sick on why I was crying.. Adam was a nervous nelly since I wouldn't talk about why I was crying.. Simply because I couldn't explain it.
I woke up the next day and decided, yeeaaahhh.. It's time to ask the magic stick.
Sure enough. BAM. Pregnant.
Adam was at ease to know that I'm not crazy,(there are still tests being done lol!) and excited to hear that he's gonna be a suga bear Daddy. (Honey boo boo anyone?)

I've noticed that crying is a big part of this whole baby process.

On the way to work, I would cry.. Maybe cause I was going to work? Lol just kidding boss lady! ;)

Half the time, it was because I pass a cemetery on the way .. When they put out the American flags I would get even more sappy.
-serious time-
Seeing this cemetery would just remind me of my Grandpa Tom, this man is my inspiration. He was such a strong willed man who loved his singing monkey, golf, tobacco pipe and speaking German..
"Ich Liebe dich!"
A brilliant man who served in the Us Navy and knew how to keep us Grandkids in line!
Now I'm getting all emotional again.

On another note,
Annoyance. Yes.. Like the "you are so dumb, you are really dumb." Kind of feeling.. Towards everyone.
Like my feelings today at the two 200+lb ladies and their two kids leaving the grocery store tonight.. Now, I'm ok with parking far away and walking.. No big deal. But these woman parked in the spot that is saved for "expecting mothers" I was annoyed.. You are just too dang LAZY.
So I simply enjoyed my waddle passed these chicas. (Please note the annoyed puppy at the end of this blog.)
It's just rude!

Are we back on the tear train?! Yup!

Once upon a time, A princess was enjoying a nice afternoon slumber.. A handsome prince had left his phone in the room in which She was slumbering.. That handsome prince's BOSS started to Text him.. Which woke this perdy little princess up..
Which threw her into yet again, another crying fit. Once comfortable, now disturbed. NOT OK. So the princess decided that crying and being mean to her prince was acceptable. Yes, yes it was.
I do what I want!- as quoted by Queen Susan.
The handsome prince, confused, apologized to the princess and they enjoying life. The end.

Ok for real.

Speaking of sensitive. My child, he's already sensitive about his big ears.. As seen on sonogram. Yep, his dad has them.. My poor son has them too.
I made a comment about them today and he kicked me.. Hard. Thanks kid.
What a hoot.

What are some emotions and crazy times you've had?! Can you look back and just laugh at yourself now? I laugh at myself all the time.. It's healthy. :)

I'd like to shout out to my sister - Queen Susan.. For providing a chuckle while she quoted Napoleon Dynamite Tonight when I mentioned eating tots! Mmm tots.

Check her out, see to the left.. There's a cute little icon that says "Adventures in my kitchen!" Yeah.. Read her stuff, drool on your keyboard and cook yourself silly, or fat..Phat? We don't judge here.

You're welcome! :)

Good night y'all!


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