Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blimp coming through!

Whoa buddy, I feel LARGE.. Yes I have said it before and I will keep saying it. But really, I feel huge right now.
My feet have been swollen and well it's even tough for me to sit and be comfortable, bend down to pick things up, lay and be comfortable and even stand for long periods of time, thanks to my now almost 3lb son lol.
I'm really hoping that today is just the day for me to have a hard time standing for a long while, because I'm pulling 40+hrs at work this week. Gah! Hey, I'm thankful for working for a company with benefits and 12weeks maternity leave! WooHoo!

Oh man, my wonderful wonderful foot despising husband just sat down and is rubbing my freshly showered and lotioned feet! What a wonderful wonderful man. I'm kinda in shock right now lol only because we both hate feet! :) ahh feels nice!

I've picked up some new shoes for the colder days, you know.. In Texas you can wear flip flops year round even if its cold.. Yeeaaahhh there's this thing called snow here, I'm gonna need closed toe shoes. With my feet swelling and then calming just to swell again, I've gone up a size in shoes. :( not even width! Lol so, I kept things cheap found some cute and expandable shoes at Payless and bam! Comfort. Ahhh this way, I didn't spend a lot of money, I'm comfortable and have shoes to go with outfits lol. I mean, I can be all amazon woman and walk around bare foot. Yeah?! No.

If you know me, I love the show Awkward.
And today, it was Awkward marathon on MTV! Score!
So I watched, I napped, I cleaned.. Organized and started realizing.. I'm totally Nesting right now lol. I went through baby clothes and put them all in those big storage bags until I have a closet to organize them in.

Ok well, I've bored you enough ;)
Time for me to get my swollen beauty rest!
Good Night y'all

Oh and Ps- I know this presidential election is pretty big, however.. Please keep your remarks and rants and raves about the debates and other presidential stuff OFF of Facebook. I'm glad you know who you are supporting as well as your reasons, but that is something many people find personal. :) just a suggestion and my opinion, you may agree with me or not. That's really ok.

"Sorry, I'm not sorry."

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