Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 and Flirty and Thriving!

Oh Hay!

Happy Thursday Y'all! I enjoyed a day off of work, yep a FULL day off. Know what's even better?!
I have tomorrow off as well! Ahhh sweet slumber.

So welcome to my Week 3-0. You know, I'm feeling 30, flirty and thriving!
Name that movie?! Anyone? Bueller?

Ok, as you may have already realized.. I'm in a cooky kind of mood. That's all right y'all!

So lets just discuss about how my mind is BLOWN on how quickly 30weeks came along. What?! Wasn't I JUST telling my family that I'm Pregnant?
These past few weeks, I have become a freakin FISH. I need water alllllll the time. No big deal. Except that means I'm back to being best friends with toilets! Yey for a 4lb kid on my bladder! Lol ok maybe not ON my bladder.. But choo know what I mean!

And well, welcome back first trimester! Ugh night/morning sickness, back ache .. And don't even get me started about my swelling! I mean, eat a bag of salt and bloat up kind of swelling! ;) which I DO watch my sodium intake.

Now, my lovely sister.. Over yonder at Adventures In My kitchen! (You can check out her button on the side of my page)
She asked me the other day for some food suggestions for her blog..
She asked me while I was not only starving and munching on a cinnamon roll.. But also craving Chinese food! Yep. I wanted me some Fried Rice!

So I said.. Mmm Pumpkin Cinnamon rolls..?
She says "negative!" Pumpkin is being used EVERYWHERE right now.. She was right.

Long story short, I recommended some other not healthy items. She judged me.. I said IM FLIPPING PREGNANT! Lol and she settled with Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls! Whoa Nelly! Go check that OUT!

I'm going to be extremely ADHD with this post today y'all.

No one else is home with me, I'm kinda cold and well tired.. If I go to bed now.. I'll be up at 4am! Negative Ghost rider.

We got some.. Snow flurries last night/ this morning until about Noon in which the sun came out and the temperature rises to a whopping 35degrees! Knit that in your sweater and wear it!
Now, me being from Texas.. I almost left the house without a jacket.. Oh the suns out, looks like a nice day.. No need right?! WRONG! I'm going to have to get used to this. The temp was in the 30s but dang this Nebraska Wind!

So, JoAnnes fabric was having an awesome sale today.. I stocked up on some fleece! I found an amazing pattern for a car seat cover made out of those knot fleece blankets! I've gotta make it! :) guess what I'LL be doing tonight!! If not making it as a cover, I'll be making it as a blanket for my little man. Adam went along with his mother and I and actually helped pick put most of he fabric! What a champ! I know he enjoyed it because its for his son.. And well, he found all sports stuff as well as some cute boy flannel. What a cute Hubbs I have!

Well, I've got some crafting to be done!

Nighty y'all!
Sorry for the random Blog.. I'm not sorry. ;)


Enjoy my whale picture and my two annoyed FurBabies (I have 3 dogs.. But my weenie Pup is hiding under the bed)

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