Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On a Savings Kick.

I was brought to tears today, on my drive home I was thinking about my son.. Who was Kicking me and moving like a champ today! I started thinking about something my Husband told me yesterday.. "Our children won't just have parents to raise them, they're going to have a community to raise them." He is right.
Joseph already has so many people in our life that love him to pieces and are just as excited as Adam and I are to meet him.

For Example, My Husbands Best friend since Diapers has already gotten Joseph some awesome football gear, and just Lights up when we talk about him.
-My Sister in Law is a nursing student, Yesterday she listened to my Belly and heard Joseph moving around, While I was waiting for my shy kid to kick her in the ear (on her stethoscope) lol.
-My other Sister in Law is planning our Baby Shower, We are SO excited to see what kind of fun she comes up with!
-My Mother reminds me all the time of our next appointment! She tells me she's got it written down on the calendar! I really wish that we were still in Texas for this. This is my side of the Families FIRST Grand Baby/Great Grand Baby!
-The girls at Work gave me a big Jar of Pickles when I announced that I'm Pregnant..what Goobs!

There are so so SO many more friends/family and even Co-Workers that are sharing our excitement for this little Pumpkin of mine.. or as my Sister in Law says "Baby Roo" Adam and I are definitely blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.. even if they are all over the USA!

I have been so anxious and nervous and well, stressed recently.
 Im trying to wrap my head around EVERYTHING. Honestly, I think it really hit me last Friday.. I saw the reminder on my face-book page that said 17 more weeks! 17? No, I was JUST 12 weeks pregnant, sick to my stomach and crying over a bag of potato chips (true story, Ask Adam lol)
Im having a Baby, Holy Crud..Adam and I are going to be parents! Will we be good at it? Will I disappoint my son? What if something is wrong with the birth or with my son? SOOO many questions running through my head.. I just want a Healthy Baby Boy, 10 fingers, 10 Toes..breathing..beautiful baby boy.
Im terrified.

But, Look at how cute my Husband was as a kid! Im looking forward to seeing if Joseph Looks like him or Myself!

Another big issue of mine is "Are we going to have what we need?"
Adam and I are really weird about people buying us things.. its a beautiful thing, This Gift Giving and don't get me wrong we are VERY much thankful for anything that people offer us.. But Theres a sense of independence that we both share.. Im destined to find the least inexpensive items in the best condition, this way all that I need from my baby shower should be small simple inexpensive stuff.

I have found a wonderful site for people in our area..They post pictures of gently used Baby Items and people make bids on them, Kinda first come first serve Bids. and well, Im HOOKED!
Below are a few AWESOME Items that I have come across!

The Stroller set, was $75.00-Gently used and in AMAZING shape. It is going brand new for almost $200.00!
The Changing Table was $25.00, Adam is sanding and staining this to match our Crib.
The Exersaucer is $40.00 from the same lady I got the Stroller set! New- $80-100.00! 

I have also been hitting up the local Thrift store, The money you spend there actually goes towards the Hospital here in town.
They have been running a brown bag special.. You get a Big brown Shopping bag, Fill it up with as many clothes as you can and it's only a Dollar.. yep $1.00! I got 3 bags, the third bag ended up FREE!
Here are SOME of the clothes I managed to find. Oh, I also found a Brand New Crib Liner with Animals on it! WooHoo!
There are a few girl items in here, since this was before I found out Im having a boy.. But I thought, Whats a few Girl Items going to hurt? I didn't even pay over a Dollar for the whole BAG!
I also found at the same thrift store, A Johnny Jumper and a High Chair NEW in Boxes! $15.00! 

Last but not the least, we got our crib from Adams Cousin. It is a Dark Cherry Oak Crib.. BEAUTIFUL! I would post a picture of it, But it is not put together. we gave his cousin $75.00 for the crib, when I was looking at the SAME one at Walmart for $150.00!
 A regular at my Store in G.I came in with a bag full of shoes and clothes that her son just out grew, that was SO very nice of her!

Now, Im on a mission to find a Rocking chair for the Nursery!
I think Im doing alright so far.. But I still feel like I am so unprepared.

I know this is All first baby nerves..I just want everything to be perfect  :)

Good Night Y'all


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