Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh, Life.

I Do not have a theme for this post, usually I really don't want to update without a theme . However, I just need to kinda talk.
Don't get me wrong, I talk to my husband all the time.. That man is my Best Friend and I'm so glad he is here for me!
I call my mother at least once a day! Why? Because I love her, I'm thankful for her love and support and well, she's my MOM! :)

Any who, we had our doctors appointment today. I found out that I'm O Negative for my blood type, Adam is A Positive! Baby Joseph is just fine, we got to see his cute ears (poor kid has his dads ears) however there are just a few things the doctor wants to keep her eye on. Adam and I are being sent to a specialist in the next town over for some more check ups. I'm honestly probably worried over nothing, but I just want the best for my Son.
After our appointment , Adam went back to work and I grabbed some lunch.
Next I headed over for a little shopping aka- I'm too large for my normal shirts. Haha and well, it's also getting a bit chilly out here and I do not have any jackets that fit or will fit!
I try to buy regular clothes if I can, I may have to go up a size, but maternity clothes are expensive! $$
I do plan on holding on to my maternity clothes after my son is here, not saying we are rushing into our next pregnancy.. But they will come in handy for when we do decide to try again.

We have also been in the Home Buying process! Adam and I went Sunday to look AGAIN at a house that we have looked at multiple times! The previous Owner had a very unique style! And well if this is the house we pick, I will let you come over and try to find the hidden access to the Attic! :)

We have 16 more weeks, 16!! Until baby Webb makes his Debut. I'm over whelmed. Anxious. Excited. Scared. Nervous. Happy... Yeah.. And more. I have already started discussing maternity leave and after the baby schedule with my boss. Theres my baby shower ( were registered on work, prenatal classes, work, thanksgiving, work, christmas, work, Adams Birthday, and well.. Leave. You see, we're entering holiday season.. Its going to fly by!
Jan 2nd is going to be here before you know it!

Alrighty, my nerves have calmed a bit.
Thanks for letting me vent :)

Night Y'all -Nicole

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