Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh Boy!

I would like to say, I'm using the blogger app on my IPad and I'm not digging it much.. So please forgive me while I work with it. :) Thank You.

Monday August 20th Adam and I headed to our doctors appointment. I sat nervously as it felt like hours passing by while we waiting for the doctor to come in..
Boy or girl boy or girl?!

The best part about the sonogram was not finding out that we are having a BOY, but Adam was able to watch his son continuously kick me. "oh, what up dad! Look at me kick!"
Ive got a soccer player on my hands.

My husband lights up every time he starts talking about our son, he wanted to take our sonogram pictures with him to show all of his friends. I'm so excited for our future with this little guy especially because Adam is going to make such a great father!

Joseph is our sons name, and let me tell you he is growing fast! I feel like a blimp with him right now and I'm only 23weeks! Whoa buddy!

I'm glad I'm feeling like my old self again. No more morning sickness, woohoo! Now I've just got an achy back and sore feet if I'm on my feet at work for too long.. Oh yeah, and Hives! What?! Yeah random hives!

As I progress in these weeks I start feeling like I look like a blimp. I wonder if people think I'm pregnant while they stare at me or maybe they are feeling sorry for me because I look like a large cow. (as seen in the picture below.)
Ok, so I may not actually look like a cow, But I seriously feel like it! Blah! Beautiful eh? Lol

I'm slowly progressing into my thrift trimester.. My fatigue is returning and well I was ready for bed at 6 tonight lol. My fur-babies will show how I feel for you in the pictures below as well. Enjoy those fuzzy pups!

Well, I'm off to bed.
Goodnight Y'all

Pictures as follow.
-Dipsy sleeping
-Baby Joseph's first head shot! He's handsome
-Me at 23 weeks
-Ike isn't camera shy
-Chubbs sleeping

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