Monday, September 24, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Well, Happy Monday Y'all!

Im enjoying the quiet evening at our current Casa.. except for 4 dogs pondering back and fourth through the kitchen. Other than that, Two Boys are working and One aka my Nerdy Hubby is at his Monday Night Bowling League! Yes, Adam is and always has been a Bowler. This is some serious stuff people! LOL.

As for me tonight- Im blogging, Pinning and face booking.. I have finished organizing the our File system once again and now I am enjoying a nice bowl of Heartburn! If I even LOOK at food I get heart burn. HA! Oh the joys of Pregnancy!

If you have been stalking my Facebook page, You will probably have noticed a very ecstatic post I made about a letter that came in the mail.
OHHH Snail mail. To our surprise that special letter arrived way before we thought it would! No complaints here of course!
This pretty little letter that is filed away, is the ONE thing that was holding us back on becoming HOME OWNERS!
YEP! Adam and I have not only gotten MARRIED in the past few months, But as you know we have started our own family and NOW..We will be purchasing our first home!
I mean, why just go big when you can go HUGE! (uhh, does that make sense?)

Grand Island, Ne.. ah Yes. A town made of 50,000+ people. only ONE Starbucks (but TWO Wal-marts?) This shall be the town that Adam and I (baby Joseph too) call "Home". Even though my Home will always be in TEXAS... I stand by my husband and his crazy choices, I mean..what a brave man to choose ME. LOL. We may not spend the next 50 years here.. But I know we will be here for at least 5. Renting is NOT an option for us.
First of all, rentals here do NOT allow any kind of pets. You see, thats a problem.. I come from a very PET  addicted  Loving family! :) That is why I have 3 dogs and currently were looking after our M.I.L's dog. sooo 4 pups total.

This week, while Adam is off working hard, I will be taking a full day to finish up with the bank and meet with our Realtor! I am so very nervous/anxious/excited that we get this opportunity..I mean Buying a HOME is a BIG deal y'all!
it's very rare that Homes here stay on the market for long.. so lets Hope/Pray/RainDance for our opportunity to land a awesome Home! Yes, I said Rain Dance. :)

I can't wait I CAN'T WAIT! I know we still may have a little bit of a journey and learning all the crazy things it takes to be a home owner (you know, if something breaks you fix it!) However it will all be worth it. Adam, Joseph and I will be our own little family (with the dogs of course) and I can't wait to start a Home full of Memories!

Here's to our Journey!  Good Night Y'all!

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