Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ch- Ch- Ch - Changes

NOTE-* If you know me, and know how weird I am and expressive...please channel your inner Nicole while you read this..uhm, kinda gory(?) post. if you cannot handle to think of vomit..please leave now! Sppaanks!*

I have noticed a lot recently in the changes to my Mommy-to-Be body, other than feeling charge of course!

bluhhh. (yep thats worse than a sigh)

I wont lie, when I first found out I was pregnant..I was terrified.
and as I speak to friends whom have had or are having kids.. they made it sound so ...Blissful.

Blissful my tooshy!

I threw up, every morning..EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING.
Weather it was just from sleeping in too long and not getting any food (yeah, fun)
to smelling something in the fridge when I tried to go get some food in my queasy stomach.
-Am I making you want to be pregnant or WHAT!?-
 Smells were the worst for me, except being in the car..yeah, Even driving myself to work.. that LONNGGG 30 minute commute I make felt like such a drag.
" sorry boss, Im late because I got car sick." How lame.

-Cigarettes, smelling the smoke on people , around people while they're smoking or even just a house or car that had the stale smell in it, GAG.
-Food, anything that wasn't at the time french fries, pretty much made me sick. When we first found out I was pregnant, Adam made an amazing dinner.. I sat down at the table after feeling sick and worried I was having the start of a miscarriage and as I tried to take a bite.. I had to push the plate away. "sorry babe, looks amazing..but I can't handle it."
-Gas, Dog gas..people Gas..BLAHK.
-Coffee, yes.. I work with,around,in,all over,under COFFEE.. walking into the store was just a death pit.
HOWEVER, the smell of Chocolate and Coffee making me sick was my first clue that I was pregnant!

There was nothing I could do, drink, eat to make myself feel less nauseous ..except..just to let it out. I almost felt like I had a routine in the mornings LOL. (TMI? Eh who cares)

Yes, it gets better. Well, Im lucky it got better.. I heard some stories of women who have morning sickness their ENTIRE pregnancy! Insane.

How ever, My morning sickness faded into every other day.. then once a week..then nothing. Oh a beautiful nothingness.
That was about the time I started bloating up, My Ribs hurt like someone was pulling on them..they hurt to the point where it was almost hard to breathe or stand.
On top of the ribcage explosion feeling, I had horrible back pain. So early in my pregnancy? How was this possible?

Oh, and i found it quiet odd that every night at 3am, 315am or 320am I would wake up and have to pee like a race horse. "dont drink so much before bed" they all said.. yeahh I feel like a fish out of water. Im ALWAYS thirsty! Always. someone once told me I can't have water on the floor( aka work.) Yes..Its a Health code violation, But Ill violate your face if you dont let me have my water! RUUUUUddee.(bon Qui Qui)

Now that I am 26 weeks, large and in charge with a basketball of a belly.. Im starting to feel the nausea again (thanks Son) as well and swollen heels oy vey. and yep.. the rib cage pain is back and beautiful.
I have noticed my hair has started to thicken, No complaints there! Its all long and lush full now LOL..oh yeah..and Oily. WHAT? Same with my skin. I have my "glow" but add some shine to that sucker.

I want to let y'all know however, I have found that Once a week (no need for more unless you're just nasty greasy, homeless slobb.) Add some Epsom salt to your palmful of shampoo. scrub that salty goodness through your locks and enjoy some soft non greasy Hurr for almost 2 days!

I also add a bit to my face wash while scrubbing my nose and cheeks..problem areas mostly. DO NOT put it near your eyes! lets not be dumb..salt, eyes...they just don't mix! I warned you! :)  "You're Welcome" - That was my Sadie voice.. High fives for watching Awkward!

one of the BEST changes, is feeling my son treat my insides like his Ninja cage. especially while Im trying to sleep!
Easy fix for calming him down, Have my Husband put his hand on my big O Belly. My son is Daddy shy right now.. yep, he stops all movement. poor Adam, Last night he started to tell Baby Joseph "c'mon kid kick me!" mehehe lets see if he says that when Joseph is 2! little Soccer Ninja Baby.


Body pillows are a must, and if you are lucky..your husband will try to steal it and elbow you in the eye for it every.single.night.  Love you Hunny! :P

well, thats all that Ive got for now. My Son is kicking my insides and Im getting a nice Pasta craving.
mmm with parmesan cheese and corn!

Current Cravings-
- Corn

annnd Im out Girl Scout!

Night Y'all

Ps-Large and in charge at 26 weeks down Below! "Sorry, Im NOT sorry"-Awkward

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