Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's been too long

Well, I have been crazy busy. While not blogging I'm working, Adam and I are house hunting, playing frisbee golf and enjoy some quiet time before our little prince or princess arrives in Jan! Yes, that's right.. I am pregnant. Currently 18weeks and 3 days! And on August 20th. I find out if we are having a boy or a girl!

I can't imagine getting to see my child on a sonogram, Adam will be by my side at the doctors that day, he looked so happy when we got Tom hear the heart beat of our super active child. Let me tell you, Adam puts his hand on my stomach and our kiddo moves around like crazy. Yep, he/she is already attached to Daddy!

Personally I feel like I am having a boy, there's been a few signs on my part and well everyone has naturally referred to my baby as "he". Honestly, I'm going to feel blessed with a boy or a girl, a healthy baby is all I'm asking for.

Tomorrow I am meeting with our banker and real estate agent to get our house process on the roll. Where we're living the houses sell like crazy! For instance, we looked at an open house on Saturday, it sold on Monday. Who's Buddy! But I know we have an amazing agent by our side! I will be so excited to be able to call a house a home, and start getting ready for the baby as well as my family coming!

Well, I've gotta head to work.

Later Y'all!


  1. I'm so freakin happy for you love and bonus a January birthday? We Capricorns are pretty awesome ya lucky duck!

  2. Thanks Doll! We have some other Jan babies in our family! So they're pretty excited as well! Haha