Monday, August 13, 2012

Crazy cravings (a lengthy blog today)

Being 4months pregnant, I have really started getting into some weird cravings. I don't mean pickles and ice cream cravings.. I'm talking like waffles and Thai noodles , yes.. In the same bowl. Give me give me!

Sadly, there aren't Places that have that option haha, however I did manage to settle my waffles cravings.

For the past two weeks I keep getting random baked chicken cravings. I'm talking crispy skin baked chicken breasts with some green beans on the side and noodles with butter smothered in parmesan. Ok, so that's not so weird right?

I got home from a long Monday at work, and originally I was going to discuss my frustration with road construction on my blog. Instead my love Adam decided that we would have a home cooked meal. You see, since we moved to Nebraska we haven't done a lot of cooking. His mother would do some or well, no one would be home around the same time. I'm finally back on a better work schedule, so Adam and I get to eat together more. It's so nice!

We knew for dinner tonight we would have Baked chicken of some sort. There is no arguing with my pregnant girl cravings, sorry..

Now Adam, he is a picky eater.. I was raised with a tomato in one hand, eating it like it was an apple.. While he, well his mom could NEVER get him to even look at a vegetable. Now that he is older, he is eating better and finding some foods that he likes! We're just slowly working on the veggie thing.

Anywho! Tonight's dinner was brought to you by

Forgive me for posting weird, im still learning my IPad blogger App.

You will notice in this recipe that veggies are called... Yeah that was a no go for Adam, so we skipped that part and I just got some delicious Green Giant veggies on the side for me! Yum!

I snapped some pictures for y'all, and Adam was confused.. Poor guy didn't know I had started my Blogging again. (I think he really likes the attention from the pictures ) hah

The pictures show, some of the ingredients that were involved in this delicious meal. Adams choice of Tea.. (He's cut soda almost completely out of his diet!) and some of the directions / preparation process!

You will also notice the mouth watering before the oven and after the oven photos. Trust me, this kitchen smells amazing!
:note: Adam did spill a little over, excuse the messy pan. Also, we added french onions to the top(hints why it looks burnt!)

Betty Crocker is a blessing!
Sorry for such a long post, time to dig in Y'all! And thanks for putting up with my first food post!


Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have always been one to stress. I can't imagine my life without it, how sad huh? I'm one of those "over stressing even though it'll be ok." Kind of people.
Today, my limit was almost hit.
I called my mother , and she calmed me down(thank heavens for my amazing mother.) Then I went home and browsed pinterest to get my mind on something else, but I knew what I needed to do. I HAD to take things in my own hands and start figuring everything out and getting things fixed.

My mind was slowly coming to ease, when I decided to make myself some tea (which has been a huge craving of mine recently) don't worry, I'm watching my caffeine intake :). As I took what was supposed to be a big delicious gulp of my tea, I ended up spitting it right back out! I put salt in my tea instead of sugar! YUCK!
Epic. Fail.
So then, I headed out to go get another tea.

I feel rather selfish after running into a woman at T&L today. (a local corner store) while I was getting a NEW tea I over heard this upset woman asking the clerk about any ideas for donations to a fundraiser event for her daughter and grand baby. You see, her daughter was forced into labor with twins at just 24 weeks into her pregnancy.(I'm currently almost 19weeks! Whoa!) My stomach cringed while I'm listening to her speak about the loss of one twin and almost loosing the other, all the many surgeries and her daughters job forcing her to quit due to her being in the hospital for so long!
This woman was flustered, but keeping her cool so well. I couldn't help but chime in. I'm part of management for a company in the next town over and we are always welcoming donation requests from organizations. I asked her for her information and a flyer about their event to raise money for her daughter and her grand child's surgeries. This poor woman starts asking me for ideas to get people to donate to her event and it just breaks my heart, I walked into that store feeling sorry for myself when this woman and her family are going through much worse times. I left that store with a different outlook on things and feeling very thankful for my healthy baby.
I have this woman's information if anyone would like to donate anything for her raffle.

Feel free to email me if you're interested.

Later Y'all

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's been too long

Well, I have been crazy busy. While not blogging I'm working, Adam and I are house hunting, playing frisbee golf and enjoy some quiet time before our little prince or princess arrives in Jan! Yes, that's right.. I am pregnant. Currently 18weeks and 3 days! And on August 20th. I find out if we are having a boy or a girl!

I can't imagine getting to see my child on a sonogram, Adam will be by my side at the doctors that day, he looked so happy when we got Tom hear the heart beat of our super active child. Let me tell you, Adam puts his hand on my stomach and our kiddo moves around like crazy. Yep, he/she is already attached to Daddy!

Personally I feel like I am having a boy, there's been a few signs on my part and well everyone has naturally referred to my baby as "he". Honestly, I'm going to feel blessed with a boy or a girl, a healthy baby is all I'm asking for.

Tomorrow I am meeting with our banker and real estate agent to get our house process on the roll. Where we're living the houses sell like crazy! For instance, we looked at an open house on Saturday, it sold on Monday. Who's Buddy! But I know we have an amazing agent by our side! I will be so excited to be able to call a house a home, and start getting ready for the baby as well as my family coming!

Well, I've gotta head to work.

Later Y'all!