Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today's Randoms.

I want to start todays post out with a
BIG Happy birthday to my Dad!
He is.. 35...Again! :P

I wont Lie, IM completely Scatter brained right now. I have the next two days off, THANK GOODNESS!
Only bad thing is, It's supposed to rain. LAME! which means no bike time. I was thinking about doing some exploring in Grand Island, Maybe some Shopping..or something.

How many of you are "regulars" at a favorite Bar, Restaurant or hang out spot??
I want to talk about the people who are. And I want to point out to you that When someone new joins the team of this favorite spot of yours, How do you treat them? Do you Great them with a smile and introduce yourself..or are you completely rude and start telling them that they are slow and waiting your time. (when you're spending the next hour or so in the Lobby.)
I honestly have a few"regulars" at my new store who are RUDE to me..
I dont know their drinks by heart yet, because I have JUST met them..One person actually turned to her friend and started talking trash about me..RIGHT in front of me.
Ok Lady.

Now, I know I am no better right now, Because I am speaking of her..But it really upset me and well, I just needed to let that out!

On another note.
Have you ever seen sensation Jenna Marbles?
I pretty much adore her, and I think it's really because..Shes a lot like me.. Kinda weird..yet interesting haha.
At first when I heard about her, I was like.. meh.. And then I started watching her videos. She says what MOST people are thinking, C'mon..I know you think about this stuff too!
ANYWHO! You should watch..and Laugh..and enjoy..
my FAVORITE video of hers is this one seen below..
I can say, I have done this face.. and IT WORKS! HAHAHA

I have seriously thought about starting my own YouTube channel.
I suppose I would talk about random things as well, throughout the day.. Or maybe just making a Vlog.
But then, I don't know if it's something that I would be able to keep up with.  You see, I am very much A.D.D ( who isn't these days?) Thanks to all the sugar and the unhealthy diets these Children are getting today..right? Anyways..
I typically Type and write just like I speak, well...So I have been told. Im jumpy, Im random and well.. ADD! Lol.
So I figure, If I can keep up with this Blog, Maybe I will throw in some Vlog's every now and then?? EH??

What do you think?

Whelp. Im going to head off to bed so I can enjoy my next two days off!

Leave me some Love!
GoodNight Y'all!

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