Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sinus Crazy-ness

So besides the normal, "I work too much" feeling.. And thanks to ALL of the farmers out tilling and making a ton of Dust in their fields... I have been fighting a nasty Sinus cold the last few days and Im pretty sure and Hoping that Today will be the last of it. Below is a preview of What I am surrounded by.. Just looking at this picture makes me want my Nasal spray! LOL!

The worst part is While battling this nasty sinus junk, I had to be at work a few hours earlier than what was planned..AND I was to meet with our new DM.. I looked and felt Horrible, I can't believe I worked 9+ hours and survived! HAHA

Theraflu has been my best friend the last 2 days.. But now, I just feel weak.. I need to get out on my Bike, Throw on my sweet new Reeboks and hit the Frisbee Golf course with Adam, Fold down my treadmill and enjoy a movie while I run/power walk my booty off!

Yesterday I had a full day off, However...It was Raining , But I could NOT sit in bed all day and just feel miserable, So I got up and started cleaning and bleaching EVERYTHING. Washed ALL of our clothes, Folded and Organized while Adam Vacuumed as well as gave all 4 of our precious Pups a Bath. I was determined to get all the dust up and all the dirt and just help myself feel Better!

So, I have been thinking about starting a food journal. It's hard to keep a healthy eating habit while Im on the go so much, and well.. Lets just say being around all of the sweets and the drinks at work don't help, along with the fact that EVERYONE I know up here drinks SO much Pepsi and Coke and DrPepper! It's like their water! Lol  But, Those are simply just excuses, and I know that I can over come all of those temptations, and well.. I plan on setting a Free day, However I will NOT let myself go crazy on my free day.

So what are some things that you do to help you stay focused on your diet and exercise plans?

And would y'all like to see my Daily or weekly Food journals? Im thinking that may help me stay focused as well!

All suggestions are welcome. However, Im off to work

Later Y'all!

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